Awards & Honours

The University was awarded the prestigious Rajiv Gandhi Chair on protective Discrimination for a period of five years. Further, the University has been accorded a 4 star status by the National Assessment & Accreditation Council (NAAC) of India for a period of five years, commencing from September, 2000.

Individual members of the faculty have made significant contribution to academics. Some honours conferred on individual members of faculty are:

Awards Recipients
Padmabhushan Prof. Mrinal Miri
Padmashree Prof. T. Ao
Prof. P. Tandon
Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru National Award (Late) Prof. B. Pakem
FNA Prof. R. S. Tripathi
Prof. P. N. Pandita
FASc Prof. P. N. Pandita
FNASc Prof. Pramod Tandon
Prof. S. S. Khare
Prof. S. K. Srivastava
Prof. R. S. Tripathi
Prof. V. Tandon
Prof. B. B. P. Gupta
Prof. Nirmalendu Saha
Prof. A. Chatterjee
Prof. R. Sharma
MNASc Prof. R. Lalthantluanga
Dr. B. Roy
Dr. S.R. Joshi
Janaki Ammal National Award For Taxonomy Prof. V. Tandon
Meghnad Saha Award Prof. S. K. Srivastava
B. P. Pal National Environment Award Prof. Pramod Tandon
Priya Darshani Award Prof. (Mrs) K. S. Lyngdoh
Young Scientist Award in Biotechnology Prof. A. N. Rai
ISCA Young Scientist Award Prof. Nirmalendu Saha
Career Award of UGC (Late) Prof. Vinod Singh
Rev.Fr. L. M. Yeddanapalli Medal Prize Prof. M. K. Mahanti
FNIE Prof. H. N. Pandey 
Prof. B. K. Sharma
Prof. Uma Shankar
FNESA Prof. B. K. Sharma
FIAES Prof. B. K. Sharma
FISG Prof. A. K. Misra
INSA Young Scientist Award Prof. Uma Shankar
CSTUP Young Scientist Award Prof. Uma Shankar
LEAD Fellow Dr. S. K. Barik
Young Researcher Award
(Indian Accounting Association)
Dr. V. K. Shrotryia
Fellow of Indian Commerce Association Dr. V. K. Shrotryia
ISCA Young Scientist Award Dr. (Mrs.) Kuheli Biswas Das
Rashtriya Gaurav Award Dr. Chintamani Rout 
Dr. Jaynal U. Ahmed
BOYCAST Young Scientist Award (DST) 2011 Dr. Dinesh Bhatia
ICMR Young Biomedical Scientist Award (ICMR) 2014 Dr. Dinesh Bhatia
UGC Research Award 2016 Dr. N. Amareswaran