Guest House

Old Guest House  +91-364-2722058/2057
New Guest House: +91-364-2725800 / 5851

The University has Guest Houses at Shillong, Guwahati Airport and Tura Campus. The management of NEHU Guest House at Shillong is monitored by a duly constituted Guest House Management Committee under the Chairmanship of Prof. Ramesh Sharma and 8 (eight) members; viz. Registrar, Finance Officer, Consultant CDD (Permanent Invitee), Prof. R.Mohan, Dr. S. Umdor, Dr (Ms) Utpala Sewa, Deputy Registrar (Estate & In-Charge of Guest House) and Assistant Registrar (Estate) as its Convenor.

With the addition of a new Guest House with 52 Guest Rooms as well as on attachment of 10 RUAB cottages and the International Students Apartments under the aegis of the old Guest House, to-day the University is capable of accommodating more than 200 delegates at a time. These include AC Suites, VIP Rooms, and well furnished Guest rooms with intercom facility, television, etc. Besides, the old Guest House is also enabled with Wi-Fi facility.   The University proudly notes that the Association of Indian Universities’ Vice Chancellors Conference was hosted by the University between 16th – 19th November, 2008 and almost all the Vice Chancellors were provided accommodation in the University Guest Houses. The University had also been the venue for the 96th Indian Science Congress held between 3rd – 7th January, 2009. The Council members and delegates were accommodated in the Guest House.

Apart from these two mega events, many other big events such as National and International level Seminars, Workshops, etc. were also organized by various departments of the University. NEHU Guest House at Shillong had been the venue for most of these Seminars in view of its multiple advantages, such as accommodation, catering, the convenience of having a Mini Conference Room and an Auditorium with a sitting capacity of 40 and 130 delegates, respectively and Internet facility.   

The Guest House at Shillong had been able to make it self-sustaining and bring in more improvements in the infrastructure from its own resources for providing better facilities and comfort to the guests of the University.

The Guest House at Guwahati Airport was made functional by the University in February, 2006 with 6 rooms. Now, there are 9 AC rooms, 2 non AC rooms and a mini AC Conference Room for 18 delegates. The Guest House is self-sustained. Primarily, the Guest House caters to the need of NEHU officials who pass through Guwahati, being the corridor between other parts of the country. The Guest House also caters to the need and extends common conferencing facilities not only to all other Central Universities of North-East, but also to the Govt. of Meghalaya, Nagaland & Arunachal Pradesh besides RIIMS, AMC, DRL. Also, the Guest House caters to the needs of the air passengers in the wake of cancellation of flights on request by the Airport Authority of India. During the period under report, a number of foreign guests were also provided accommodation in the Guest House.  The management of the Guest House is taken care by Shri Michael George, Section Officer posted at the Airport.

The Guest House at Tura Campus functions from a hired building and it is capable of accommodating 12 guests at a time. It has 3 AC Guest rooms, 1 room with Cooler and 1 non AC room. As the University is having an MBA program in the Campus, the Guest faculties from abroad are provided accommodation in the Guest House. 

With the hospitality, courtesy and politeness, the Guest Houses are looking forward to welcoming many more delegates in the years to come and many more Seminars/Workshops to take place in NEHU Guest Houses.