NDVN Facility

The University has established a NDVN facility providing internet access with 1 Gbps National Knowledge Network (NKN) Leased Line. All Campus departments have on-line access to Internet and Online Journals through the UGC INFONET Digital Library Consortium . The NEHU mail server and web server are fully functional and more state-of-art features are planned to make this facility an indispensible aid to the academic cause of the University.  
Administrative In-Charge: - Prof. P. Nongkynrih
Technical Officer: - Mr. Ivan S. L. Lyngdoh
System Analyst: - Mr. S. P. Nongkhlaw
Technical Assistant: - Mr. S. N. Sharma
Field Assistant (Technical): - Mr. Kapoorchand Chaudhury (On Contract)

Internet & NDVN-Committe Members

1. Prof. P.Nongkynrih Chairperson
2. Registrar or nominee Member
3. Finance Officer or nominee Member
4. Mr.Sekhar Dey, Technical Director, NIC Member
5. Prof.A.K.Chandra, HOD Computer Centre Member
6. Prof.N.M. Panda Member
7. Prof. O.P Singh Member
8. Dr.L.J. Singh Member
9. Dr. Md. I Hussain Member
10. Deputy Registrar (P&S) Member
11. Mr.Hamar Kharshiing, System Analyst Member
12. Mr. Ivan Lyngdoh Convenor

No.F.34-1/Admn/NDVN Committee/2016/624 dated 12th August 2016