NDVN Facility

The University has established a NDVN facility providing internet access with 1 Gbps National Knowledge Network (NKN) Leased Line. All Campus departments have on-line access to Internet and Online Journals through the UGC INFONET Digital Library Consortium . The NEHU mail server and web server are fully functional and more state-of-art features are planned to make this facility an indispensible aid to the academic cause of the University.  
Administrative In-Charge: - Prof. P. Nongkynrih
Technical Officer: - Mr. Ivan S. L. Lyngdoh
System Analyst: - Mr. S. P. Nongkhlaw
Technical Assistant: - Mr. S. N. Sharma
Field Assistant (Technical): - Mr. Kapoorchand Chaudhury (On Contract)

Internet & NDVN-Committe Members

1. Prof. P.Nongkynrih Chairperson
2. Registrar or nominee Member
3. Finance Officer or nominee Member
4. Mr.Sekhar Dey, Technical Director, NIC Member
5. Prof. M. C. Mahato , HOD Computer Centre Member
6. Prof.N.M. Panda Member
7. Prof. O.P Singh Member
8. Dr.L.J. Singh Member
9. Dr. Md. I Hussain Member
10. Deputy Registrar (P&S) Member
11. Mr.Hamar Kharshiing, System Analyst Member
12. Mr. Ivan Lyngdoh Convenor

No.F.34-1/Admn/NDVN Committee/2016/624 dated 12th August 2016