RTI Cell

Right to Information

The Right to Information Act came into being in the year 2005. The basic object of the Right to Information Act is to empower the citizens, promote transparency and accountability in the working of the Government and it mandates timely response to citizen requests for Government information. It is an initiative taken by Department of Personnel and  Training, Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions, Govt. of India to provide an RTI Portal Gateway to the citizens for quick search of information on the details of first Appellate Authorities, PIOs etc. amongst others, besides access to RTI related information/disclosures published on the web by various Public Authorities under the Government of India.

In line  with the initiative taken by the Govt. of India, the North Eastern Hill University(which is a Central University by an Act of Parliament) also provides RTI Portal Gateway to the citizens of the country in addition to filing applications Offline. To file their application Online, the citizens are  required to submit their application through https://rtionline.gov.in  and Offline application may be submitted to the concerned Public Information Officers and Appellate Authorities, as the case may be, as detailed below.

Sl. No Name & Designation of PIO Subject matter Name of Appellate Authority
 & Designation
1. Shri L.M.K.Lyngrah
Joint Registrar
Email ID- lmklyngrah@nehu.ac.in
Contact No: 2721093

Administration/Planning/Reservation Policy/Security

  1. Purchase and maintenance of vehicles.
  2. Engagement of Outsourcing Agency.
  3. Engagement of contract and daily wage employees.
  4. Maintenance of University Guest House.
  5. Advertisements.
  6. Arrangement of refreshments for various meetings.
  7. All interest and non-interest bearing advances.
  8. Developmental Plan of the University
  9. Reservation policy in the matter of appointment and promotion
    of Group A, B & C posts.
  10. Management of Security in the Main Campus.
Email ID- regtroffice@nehu.ac.in
Contact No: 2721012/13.
2. Shri  T.K.Singha
Joint Registrar
Email ID – tksingha@nehu.ac.in
Contact No:2721213
All matters related to Examination Department of North Eastern Hill University Dr.L.Cajee
Controller of Examinations
Email ID- lcajee@nehu.ac.in
Contact No: 2721211/12
3. Shri L.S.Kumar
Joint Registrar, Tura Campus
Email ID- lskumar@nehu.ac.in
Contact No: 03651-220014
All matters related to Tura Campus. Tura. Prof.G.Singaiah
Pro-Vice-Chancellor, Tura
Email ID- gsingaiah@nehu.ac.in
Contact No: 03651-223107
4. Smt.B.Rynjah
Deputy Registrar
Email ID –brynjah@nehu.ac.in
Contact No: 2721043
  1. All academic projects.
  2. M.Phil/Ph.D Registration
  3. Study and duty leave of teachers
  4. Attending Seminars by teachers under Merged Scheme
  5. Academic Departments located at Main Campus
  6. Estate
Email ID- regtroffice@nehu.ac.in
Contact No: 2721012/13
5. Smt.N.G.Marwein
Deputy Registrar(Finance)
Email ID – ngmarwein@nehu.ac.in
Contact No:2721023
All matters related to Finance Department including Annual Accounts of the
North Eastern Hill University
Email ID – hlamin@nehu.ac.in
Contact No :2721008/09
6. Shri B.Rynjah
Assistant Registrar
Email ID – badajied@nehu.ac.in
Contact No:2721095

All matters related to Teaching and Non-Teaching Group A,B & C staff concerning

  1. Advertisement of Posts
  2. Appointment/Promotion
  3. Pay fixation
  4. Various kinds of leave
  5. Disciplinary proceedings
  6. Retirement
  7. Cadre Review/Recruitment of Group A, B & C Posts
  8. MACP/Any other schemes
  9. Appointment of Deans of Schools & Heads of Academic Departments
Email ID- regtroffice@nehu.ac.in
Contact No: 2721012/13
7. Smt.A. Shangpliang
Assistant Registrar
Email ID – ashangpliang@nehu.ac.in
Contact No:2721087
  1. Acts, Statutes, Ordinances & Regulation and amendment thereof.
  2. Constitution of various statutory bodies.
  3. Holding of meetings of various statutory bodies.
  4. Minutes of meetings of various statutory bodies such as Court/
    Executive Council/Academic Council/School Boards/Board of Studies etc.
  5. All matters pertaining to service and supply of various office items like
    stationery, furniture, computer and its consumables etc.
Email ID- regtroffice@nehu.ac.in
Contact No: 2721012/13
8. Shri A.D.Roy
Assistant Engineer
Email ID – adroye@nehu.ac.in
Contact No: 2722064
  1. Construction of buildings and its maintenance in the University.
Shri Jose Cherian
I/C University Engineer
Email ID – jcherian@nehu.ac.in
Contact No: 2722061/2551801/2722069
9. Dr.(Smt) C.Mukhim
Senior Medical Officer
Email ID – cmukhim@nehu.ac.in
Contact No: 2721705/2550025
  1. All matters related to Health Centre of the University.
Dr.(Smt) M.Marwein
Chief Medical Officer
Email ID – mmarwein@nehu.ac.
Contact No: 2721703/2550025
10. Dr.H.Kayang
Dean, Students’ Welfare
Email ID – hkayang@nehu.ac.in
Contact No: 2721181
  1. Matters related to students activities such as accommodation in the Hostels, fellowship, scholarships etc.
Email ID – hlamin@nehu.ac.in
Contact No:2721008/09
11. Dr.C.R.Diengdoh
Director I/C Campus Development Council
Email ID – dircdc@nehu.ac.in
Contact No: 2721201
  1. Matters related to affiliation and all other matters related to colleges/
Email ID – hlamin@nehu.ac.in
Contact No: 2721008/09
12. Dr.Manoj Rana
Email ID – manojrana@nehu.ac.in
Contact No: 2721261
  1. Matters related to  NEHU  Central Library
Incharge Librarian,
Email ID – frsumer@nehu.ac.in
Contact No: 2721253
13. Dr.L.Kma
Programme Coordinator NSS
Email ID – lakhonkma@nehu.ac.in
Contact No: 2722128
  1. Matters related to National Service Scheme(NSS)
Email ID hlamin@nehu.ac.in
Contact No.2721008/09

Fee Payable

  1. Rs.10.00 only as application fee.
  2. Rs.2.00 for each page (in A-3 or A-4 size paper) created or copied.
  3. Actual charge or cost price of a copy in larger size paper
  4. Actual cost or price for samples or models; and
  5. For inspection of records – no fee for the first hour, and a fee of Rupees 5.00 for each 15 minutes (or fraction thereof) thereafter. 

This Page also contains the following:

Postal Address for Shillong Campus:
Mawkynroh Umshing, Shillong – 793022,
Postal Address for Tura Campus:
NH 51, Chasingre, NEHU Tura Campus – 794001, Meghalaya