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Department of Mathematics



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Dr. A. M. Buhphang, Head
Department of Mathematics,
North-Eastern Hill University
Shillong 793 022
Phone No. - 272 2713


The Department gives quality and rigorous M.Sc./M.Phil and Pre Ph.D. courses of different subjects of mathematics like algebra, analysis, differential equations, topology/geometry, number theory, theory of relativity and cosmology and oceanography. The Department has been pursuing fundamental research and has emphasized the quality of the research output. It has also adapted itself to the present scenario of aiding basic research by computers. It gives two computer courses in M.Sc. and also pursues research in computer aided approach to mathematical research in number theory, cosmology, algebraic and differential topology and oceanography.


Courses offered by the department are
1. M. Sc
2. Ph. D



Thrust Area

Thrust Areas of Research : Theory of Relativity and Cosmology, Algebraic and differential Topology, Algebra, Number Theory and Oceanography.
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