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Department of Basic Sciences & Social Sciences



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Dr. Aseem Sinha, Head
Department of Basic Sciences & Social Sciences
School of Technology
North-Eastern Hill University
Shillong – 793022
Phone No. 272 3641/ 272 3642


The Department was established in the year 2006.

A. Brief Statement of Academic Activities

The Department of BSSS is conducting all those core courses of Basic Sciences, Humanities and Social Sciences which appear in the 4-year or 8-semester B.Tech Programme in ECE and IT. 

The teachers of BSSS may also help conduct the courses in the overlapping areas of Basic Sciences and Engineering Sciences, especially in open Elective Papers in Higher Semesters. 

B. Broad Areas of Research

Teachers of BSSS are also engaging themselves in research works, besides the routine teaching activity, since the University has this equally important and vital activity too, in its overall Academic Programme.

The broad areas of research of the Department of Basic Sciences & Social Sciences are in the  interdisciplinary fields of Basic & Applied Mathematics, Basic & Applied Physics, Chemical Science & Technology, Basic & Applied Environmental Sciences, Biotechnology, Basic & Applied Economics and Statistics, and Communicative English. 

Laboratories in the Department

There are altogether five Laboratories in the Department, which are in the process of upgradation and  are shaping up to attain the desired standard  in the upcoming Technology Building. These laboratories are:

1) Physics Laboratory, 2) Chemistry Laboratory, 3) Basic Electrical Engineering Laboratory, 4) Basic Mechanical Engineering Laboratory (Workshop Practice), and 5) Engineering Graphics (Engineering Drawing) 
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