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Chhinlung Halls of Residence
Chhinlung Halls of Residence is named after the term “Chhinlung”. The Chin-Kuki-Mizo people of the North-east India widely believe that they transcend to the present world through Chhinlung. Loosely described, Chhinlung is a stone cave/outlet or an underground hole covered with a huge boulder. The location and meaning of the term is subjected to obstinate historical academic deliberation but remains shrouded in mystery.
Chhinlung Halls is a single seater accommodation allotted only to male research scholars who are pursuing M.Phil and Doctoral research programmes of the University. It is divided into two blocks (A & B). Located in the vicinity of another male research scholars’ hostel, it accommodates 48 residents.
Admission of scholars to this hostel is a continuous process on first come first serve basis.

Warden Dr. Timir Tripathi
Phone 0364-2722141 (O)
09436766999 (M)
Hostel Contact Phones:
0364-2722038 (Block A)
0364-2722039 (Block B)
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