NEHU Regulations

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RA-1 On Certificate and Diploma Course in Statistics. 256-257
RA-2 On The Deans' Committee. 258
RA-3 On the conduct of meetings of the School of Studies, Board of Research Studies, Board of Post-Graduate Studies, Board of Under Graduate Studies, Departments, Authorities, Committees appointed. 259-262
RA-4 On the Nomination to the Board of Post-Graduate Studies. 263-267
RA-5 On Conduct of meetings of the Academic Council. 268-269
RA-6 On Conduct of meetings of the Executive Council. 270-271
RA-7 On Conduct of meetings of the Court. 272-277
RA-8 On Schedule of Meetings. 278
RA-9 On Centres of Studies. 279-280
RA-10 On the Certificate Course in Floriculture. 281-282
RB-1 On the Minimum Number of Classes per week/per paper. 283
RB-2 On Minimum staffing requirement. 284
RB-3 On Duties /Work load of Teachers. 285
RB-4 On Norms for Accommodation. 286
RB-5 On Norms of Library Facilities. 287
RB-6 On the number of Students to be admitted to various classes. 288
RB-7 On Permanent Affiliation. 289
RB-8 On Prescribed fees / Reserve fund related to affiliation. 289A-290A
RC-1 On Admission to Post-Graduate departments. 290-292
RC-2 On the scaling of Marks between major & non-major degree Holders for considering admission to the Post- Graduate departments. 293-294
RC-3 On Governing direct Ph.D Registration for persons working in certain specialised fields. 295
RC-4 On the recognition of Research Laboratories as Centres to Guide Ph.D Research in North-Eastern Hill University. 296
RC-5 On Post Graduate Examinations. 297-299
RC-6 On M.A. Public Administration. 300
RC-7 On Post-Graduate Diploma in Public Administration. 301
RC-8 On the Master of Science (Agriculture) Programme. 302-315
RC-9 On Admission to and conduct of examinations for the three years Integrated Degree Courses in Arts, Science, Home Science & Commerce. 316-320
RC-10 On paper setting /Evaluation/ Moderation of Under-Graduate Examinations. 321-326
RC-11 On the Master of Philosophy Programme. 327
RC-12 On Subject Combination, Classwork etc. for the three years 
Integrated Degree Courses in Arts, Science, Home Science & Commerce.
RC-13 On the Award of Medals & Prizes. 333
RC-14 On External Research Projects. 334-335
RC-15 On MA Library and Information Science. 336-337
RC-16 On Conduct of Pre-submission Seminar for the Doctor of Philosophy and Master of Philosophy. 338-339
RC-17 On the Examination of students for Bachelor of Law (LLB) three years Course. 340-343
RC-18 On the Grace Principle for UG & PG Examinations, and re-evaluation cases. 344-345
RD-1 On Academic Study tours. 346
RD-2 On Library Committee. 347-349
RD-3 On Book Selection. 350
RD-4 On reprographic Materials to be maintained in Departmental Libraries. 351
RD-5 On Library. 352-355
RE-1 On The Procedure of Scrutiny of applications received for teaching posts. 356-357
RE-2 On Temporary Appointments -Visiting Fellows. 358
RE-3 On Contract Appointments to academic Posts. 359
RE-4 On Selection of teachers attending conferences/Seminars/ Symposia etc. 360-362
RE-5 On terms & Conditions of Service of Teachers elected/ nominated to Parliament/State Legislatures/District Council. 363
RE-6 On Counting of Past services for the Propose of Career Advancement scheme. 364
RF-1 On Reappropriation of Funds. 365
RF-2 On Operation of Nucleus Funds Provided by the University for different research Programmes and/ or publications. 366
RF-3 On the Governance & Utilisation of the Students' Association Fund. 367