E-Tender notice No. CD-M/Estm/229/2022 -- 112 Dated -- 05/07/2022, is further extended

The e-tender/Quotation invited for the work “Procurement of switch gears for light/power panel of growth room, Botany deptt. at Permanent Campus, NEHU, Shillong vide notice no – No. CD-M/Estm/229/2022 -- 112 Dated -- 05/07/2022 , is hereby further extended as follows due to non-response of any bidder for the same -

  1. Date and time of closing of online submission : 26th September’ 2022 up to 12.00 noon.
  2. Date of opening of Technical & financial bids : 26th September’ 2022 up at 1.00pm.
  3. Downloading of bids documents from online website https://nehu.euniwizarde.com & can also be viewed in the University website www.nehu.ac.in. w.e.f 13th September’2022 (during office hours).

All other terms and conditions of the NIQ notice remain unchanged.

In-charge, C.D.D
NEHU , Shillong.



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