Public Feedback Week - [Open from 13th to 19th Oct 21]: ARIIA 2021 - Reg

Note: Letter from ARIIA

Dear Sir/Madam,

ARIIA is in process of announcing the 2021 result, the 3rd edition of this annual exercise. We have received an overwhelming submission from more than 1400 + institutions of Higher Education representing all five categories and received participation from non-technical institutions too. It has been asked to all these participating institutions to host the updated ARIIA 2021 data submission reports on their respective institute's webpage by 12th Oct.21 for public feedback exercise. Herewith, ARIIA informs all interested stakeholders that the public feedback window will open from 13th and close on 19th October 2021 for any stakeholder/individual to register and submit their feedback/comment for the ARIIA 2021 report of any HEI. The interested stakeholder/individual needs to register first at, and then login to submit their feedback. After login, interested stakeholders will be able to check the list of participating institutions for ARIIA 2021 and needs to visit the institute's web page to see the ARIIA 2021 report of that institute. The comments/feedback of the stakeholders will be auto-transmitted through an email without disclosing the identity of the stakeholders to the institution(s).

Published date: 18-10-2021