Circular regarding unauthorised trimming or cutting of trees in the campus

Published date: 02-04-2019

It has been observed that there were instances when the residents of the Campus, either trimmed or even cut the trees on their own for various purposes. This cutting and trimming has attracted the attention of the environmentalists as well as the Security Committee of the University which are apprehensive that if care is not taken the time will come when the greenery will vanish from the beautiful campus of the University which will have adverse effect on many fronts.

Besides, the above, there are also instances, where the trees are being cut/trimmed surreptitiously by unauthorised persons. All concerned are requested to please keep vigil on such illegal activities and if detected to bring to the notice of either the Estate Section or the Incharge Security Cell for taking necessary action.

In the interest of the University as a whole, it is hereby requested/advised that in the event any tree is required to be cut or trimmed, such request may please be sent to the University authority who will do the needful after careful consideration of the situation/requirement and take necessary action accordingly. We hope that with the cooperation of all we may succeed in maintaining the beauty of the Campus.