National Academic Depository Committee has been constituted by the Vice-Chancellor

Published date: 26-02-2020

The Vice-Chancellor, NEHU, Shillong is pleased to constitute the National Academic Depository Committee comprising of the following members for creation of NAD (Cell) in NEHU, Shillong.

  1. Registrar, NEHU, Shillong.
  2. Finance Officer, NEHU, Shillong.
  3. Controller of Examination, NEHU, Shillong.
  4. Director, CDC, NEHU, Shillong.
  5. JR/DR (Academic/Examination), NEHU, Shillong..
  6. AR (Academic/Examination), NEHU, Shillong.
  7. Section Officer (AcademitlExaniination), NE1-11.1, Shillong.
  8. Four Persons from Computer/Certificate Cells of Examination, NEHU, Shillong.
    1. Sri Gabriel Judah, Assistant, Certificate Cell, Examination, NEHU, Shillong.
    2. Sri M. Ch Marak, UDC, (PG Cell), Examination, NEHU, Shillong.
    3. Sri John Kharkongor, UDC,(Confidential/UG), Examination, NEHU, Shillong.
    4. Sri Phaiblia Cooper Kharlukhi, Computer operator, Examination, NEHU, Shillong.
  9. Shri. P.P. Dey, Sr. System Analyst, (Nodal Officer (NAD), Computer Centre, NEHU, Shillong.
  10. Sri Hamar Kharshiing, System Analyst, Computer Centre, NEHU, Shillong.


Deputy Registrar (Admn.)