Computer Lab for Online Teaching during Lock-down due to COVID-19

Published date: 30-04-2020

(Letter form the Head of Computer Centre)

The Computer lab In the Centre will be available for use by the teaching community of the University for preparing online lessons and other pedagogic preparations. 

The Labs will be kept open on all working days from 11 am to 1pm. Keeping in view the need for prevailing social distancing five teachers can use the computers in the lab at a time. Please note that two of the technical staffs are residing in the city and they have to be brought to the Centre for assistance. Therefore, users are requested to send their requirement for the use of Lab through WhatsApp to Mr. P.P. Dey (Mob: 9436163761) one day in advance to avoid unnecessary transportation of technical staff of the centre. 

Users are requested to carry earphone, mobile phone with USB cable, face mask and hand sanitizer.


Letter from Head