Prof. Y. N. Tiwari

Physics Department

Designation: Professor


B.Sc. Physics (Hons), M.Sc., Ph.D. (Patna University)

Professional Qualification: LL.B. (Patna University)

Area of Interest/Specialization:

  • Radio Physics and Electronics (M.Sc. special paper)
  • Theoretical Physics
  • [Atomic, Molecular, Laser and Optical Physics, Ion-atom collisions, Atom-Atom collisions, positron-atom collisions, electron –atom collisions etc.]


Quantum Mechanics, Full course Taught (Atomic and Molecular Physics, Electrodynamics, Computational Technique and Numerical methods and Nuclear Physics)


  1. National merit Scholarship from Bihar Board of School Examination in matric examination.
  2. UGC Junior Fellowship during Ph.D. work.
  3. Associate Editor, Indian Journal of Energy

Ph.D. awarded   :   1 (one)

Administrative responsibility:

  1. Head of the Department of Physics
    (3rd February, 2014-3rd February, 2017)
  2. Chairman Board of Studies (Physics)

Membership of Professional Bodies/Societies etc.

  1. Life member of Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science (IACS), Kolkata
  2. Life member of Indian Society of Atomic and Molecular physics, PRL Ahmedabad
  3. Life member of Indian Association of physics teachers, Kanpur
  4. Life member of. Indian Institute of Public Administration (IIPA), New Delhi


Some important papers:                 

  1. Electron Capture Cross-section in H+K (4s) Collisions.  Indian Journal of physics B63(B) pp 184,1989    
  2. Differential and total cross-section for the process  H+ + Na(3s) -> H(1S) + Na+, Indian Journal of Pure &Applied physics. vol. 28. pp 721,1990
  3. Formation of H-atom in 2s excited state of proton-lithium and proton-sodium scattering, Pramana, Vol.70,753,2008 (14 Citations)
  4. Effect of mass and electron exchange in H-H scattering, Euro Physics Letter (EPL),83,43002,2008, (2 Citations)
  5. Electron Capture Cross-sections in D+ + H(1s) -> D(1s) + H  collisions, Journal of Applied Physics Vol.1,39,2012

Books published:

Title    : Essentials Formulas, Integrals and Transforms for Physicists
Author : Y. N. Tiwari
Publisher: New Central Book Agency (P) Limited, 2011
ISBN: 8173816328, 9788173816321

Paper presented in Conferences:

Several papers have been presented in National and International conferences.