Prof. Ibadani Syiem

Education Department

Designation: Professor


BA, BEd. , M.A  Education, PhD( NEHU), JRF, NET

Teaching Experience:

  • Lecturer in the  College of Teacher Education ( CTE, PGT ) Shillong  for 7.5 years
  • Joined as Assistant Professor in the Department of Education , NEHU Shillong on 15th December, 2005

Area of Interest

Educational Psychology, Early Childhood Education, Guidance & Counselling, Research Methodology ,Environmental Education


  Journal Publications  ( Selected)

  • Syiem, I., (2006) Value based Education In  Journal of  NEIES .11 p83-87 ISSN -0973-4902
  • Syiem, I., (2008) Emotional Intelligence and why it matters in Higher Education In  Journal of  NEIES 13 p122-125 ISSN -0973-4902
  • Syiem, I., (2009) Total Quality Management in Higher Education. In University News 47(43)   p 16-20 ISSN-0566-2257
  • Syiem, I., (2012). Teaching Styles In Journal of  NEIES 16(1) p 74-77 ISSN-0973-4902
  • Syiem, I., (2012). Emotional Intelligence : Why it Matters in Teaching In IOSR Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences .2(2) pp 42-43 ISBN -2279-0845
  • Syiem, I., (2015). Social intelligence: What it is and why it matters In  NEIES Journal.18(2)p 37-40  ISBN -0973-4902
  • Syiem, I., (2015) Problem solving ability of  Higher Secondary school students of East Khasi Hills district, Meghalaya. In  International Journal of Humanities & Social studies.3(11) p379-381
  • Syiem, I., & Nongrum , L.  (2017)    Achievement Motivation and Academic Achievement among  Higher Secondary students of Shillong  Town. In Recent Educational and Psychological Researches, International Referred & Blind  peer Reviewed Research Journal  p.17-20
  • Syiem, I., & Toi, R.J.  (2017) Adjustment  among Government and Private Secondary  School students of Jaintia Hills district . In Recent Educational and Psychological Researches, International Referred & Blind  peer Reviewed Research Journal  p.37-40
  • Syiem, I., &  Jedidah K.   (2017) Conflicts in Secondary Schools in Kenya, A perspective of Students’Leaders. In Online International Interdisciplinary Research Journal  by  S. K. Khatai p.219-223
  • Syiem, I., & Nongrum , L.  (2017) Study Habits of Higher Secondary students of Shillong in relation to academic achievement. In   Insight Education   S.Rahman (Ed) Unity Education Foundation, Gauhati,  Chapter IX, p. 142-146
  • Toi, R. J. , Nongrum , L. &  Syiem, I.,   (2017) Reaction to Frustration and Emotional Intelligence of Secondary School Students of Shillong, Meghalaya. In Mental Health  Education Y.  Bhutia (Ed)  Overseas Press India private Ltd. P. 115-124 
  • Synrem, E.  & Syiem, I.,.   (2018) Relationship between Scientific Aptitude  and Achievement in Science subject of Class IX students in Ri Bhoi District of Meghalaya. In  International Journal of Research and Analytical Reviews (IJRAR) 5(3)  p.38-41

Chapter in Books/ Proceedings

  • Syiem, I., (2010)  Value of Emotional Intelligence in Library Management.. In. Proceedings of National seminar on Personality development in the  library profession B. Laloo(Ed) calron impressions, Shillong Part IV, p.304-311
  • Syiem, I., (2013) ICT Awareness of Post Graduate Students of NEHU, Shillong. In. ICT in Education B.B. Kharbirymbai (Ed)   EBH publishers , Guwahati: Chapter 15, p-142-148
  • Syiem, I., (2016)  Emotional Intelligence of post Graduate Students of NEHU,     Shillong. In. Education in North East India C. Nongbri & B.B.          kharbirymbai(Ed) EBH publishers Guwahati: Chapter 10, p.85-90
  • Syiem, I., (2016) Teacher effectiveness for the 21st century classroom. In                Contemporary issues of Indian Education. P. Das(Ed)  Shanti Prakashan,         Guwahati: Chapter 3, p.44-48
  • Syiem, I., (2017)   Creativity , In  Insight Education   S.Rahman (Ed)    Unity Education Foundation, Gauhati,  Chapter 9, p. 142-146
  • Syiem, I., (2017) Empathy and Human Rights . In : Human Rights and Global challenges. S. Rahman & G.C. Deka (Eds)  Jagaran Sahitya Prakashan, Pan Bazar, Guwahati  Chapter 2, p.8-11
  • Syiem, I., (2017)  Emotional Intelligence : Why it matters to tourism  In  Emerging Paradigms of Hospitality & Tourism , Marketing Perspectives  S.K. Dixit (Ed)   D.P.S. Publications,  New Delhi Chapter 26, p.378-384
  • Syiem, I., (2019) Linguistic and Emotional Intelligence : relevance to language learning,, In  Glimpse of some of the Austro-Asiatic languages in India   S.K. Singh , S. Lyngdoh, B. Khyriem  (Ed) EBPH, Gauhati,  Chapter X, p. 88-93

Books Published

  • Syiem, I.(2012) Emotional Intelligence and its relationship with Personality. Guwahati , Chandra Prakash- ISBN 978-93-244-0230-1
  • Syiem, I.(2012) Power Dynamics and Emotional Intelligence in Management. Guwahati, Chandra Prakash- ISBN ISBN-978-93-244-0236-3
  • Syiem, I.(2012) Early Childhood Care & Education with special refernrce to women and children welfare programmes in Meghalaya . Shillong Bawri-AkashiBook Depot ISBN 81-750-7021

Research Supervision

  • PhD Degrees  Awarded – 9
  • Ongoing – 7

Research Projects Undertaken

  • UGC sponsored research project on ‘Emotional Intelligence and Personality among Secondary School students of Meghalaya’ (2013)
  • Project Coordinator & State Partner  for the project  ‘Early Learning and Development Standards (ELDS) ‘ with Centre for  Early Childhood & Education, Ambedkar University Delhi (2016-2017)

Conferences / Seminars


  • Role of Meghalaya state council of science and technology in popularising  Science in 16th Annual conference of NEIS from 19th to 20th June, 2007  organised by Dept of Education, Sikkim Government college, Gangtok
  • Vocational Training in the ITI/ITC in  National Seminaron  Development of Rural             Colleges in the NAAC perspective, from 16th to 18th Sept, 2010  organised by UCC College,   Shillong
  • ICT Awareness among post-graduate students in National Seminar on ‘ICT in Education  from 13th to 15th Sept,  2011 organised by  Dept of Education, NEHU
  • Governance and Ethics’ in International conference on Suscon 2011 from  9th  to 11th        November 2011 organised by  IIM Shillong
  • Emotional Intelligence: Why it matters to human wellbeing in International Seminar on  Life Long Learning and Skill Development  from 17th to 18th October ,2011  organised by Dept of Adult & Continuing Education .
  • Emotional Intelligence: Why it matters in teaching in the  19th Annual Conference cum Seminar of NEIS from 27th to 28th June,2011 organised by Harkamaya College of Education, Gangtok
  • Value Orientation in Science Education in International  Seminar on Attracting Best Talents In Basic  Sciences organised by  Shillong College, Shillong
  • Problem & Prospects of Elderly in Today’s World in  International Symposium on Aging (ISOA- 2012 ) & 16th Biennial Conference of Association of Gerontology (India)  from OCT 1st to 3rd, 2012 organised by Dept. of Bio-Chemistry, NEHU Shillong
  • Waste Management in Shillong City: A Case Study in  National Seminar on Burning Environmental Issues: Risk to Biodiversity & Human Health with Spl Ref to NE India  from 15th to 16th May, 2013  organised by St, Mary’s College, Shillong
  • RiverWah Umkhrah: Encroachment & Consequences in “National Seminar on Burning nvironmental Issues: Risk to Biodiversity & Human Health with Spl Ref to          NE India from15th to -16th May, 2013  organised by St, Mary’s College, Shillong
  • Emotional Intelligence : A Core Component for Teachers in CCE in  National Seminar on CCE: Towards  Holistic Development of a Child from 7th& 8th  March, 2013  organised by College of Teacher Education (PGT) Shillong
  • .Use of ICT amongst PG Students of NEHU, Shillongin  International Conference on Information Literacy in Knowledge Society from 6th  to 8th March, 2014 organised by  Dept of Library & Information Science, NEHU Shillong
  • Opinion of Teachers & Students at Secondary Schools towards Sex Education in  National Seminar on New Perspectives of Health & Physical Education in School  from 19th to 20th Feb, 2014 NERIE (NCERT) Umiam, Meghalaya
  • Learn While you Earn: Some Thoughts in  National Seminar  cum 23rd Annual Conference  NEIES,  from 26th to 27th Nov, 2015 organised by  Dept of Education, NEHU Shillong
  • Achievement Motivation & Academic Achievement among College students  of Shillong in  International Conference on Quality of Higher Education in India & Global Context from  18th to 19th March, 2015  organised by Dept of Education, NEHU Shillong
  • Reaction to Frustration  & emotional intelligence of Secondary School Students of Shillong, Meghalaya  in National Seminar on Mental  Health education from  26th to 27th Feb, 2015  organised by Dept of Education, NEHu Shillong
  • Applicability of TQM  to Higher Education   in  25th Annual Conference-cum-National Seminar on  Educational Leadership and Management  of the NEIES  16th  & 17th March 2019  organised by  Dept of Education,  North- Eastern Hill University Shillong


  • Nongbri C. & Syiem I.(2012)  National Seminar& 20th Annual Conference of NEIES 8th& 9th , NOV 2012 Planning & Financing for National Development with special  reference  to NE India. Auditorium Old NEHU  Guest House, Shillong
  • Syiem I.  (2018)  International Conference on Recent Advances in Educational Psychology 15th & 16th March, 2018.  Auditorium Old NEHU  Guest House, Shillong

Invited Lectures (Selected)

  • Delivered a lecture on  Emotional Intelligence : Its relevance to College Students on 10th November, 2014 at Shillong College, Shillong
  • Acted as Resource person on   Emotional Intelligence in National Seminar on Innovative Strategies: A Roadmap for Upliftment of Teaching, Learning and Evaluation in Higher Eduaction  , September 2015  at  St Mary’s  College, Shillong
  • Delivered a lecture on  Learning, types and factors affecting Learning “organised by    Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU)  in the Extended Contact Programme for Post Graduate Diploma in Higher Education (PGDHE) 7th May, 2018 
  • Acted as resource person on  “ Writing a Research Proposal “ organised by     department of Political Science (P.G. Course) Synod College Shillong on 24th & 25th May, 2018.
  • Delivered a  Key Note Address in the National Seminar on “ Recent Trends in Higher Education in India: Issues & Challenges “ organised by  Guwahati College Teacher’s Unit in collaboration with the Assam college Teachers Association ( Kamrup Metro Zone) on 25th & 26th August, 2018. 
  • Acted as  expert member  on “ Synopsis presentation” organised by  department of Education ,University of Science & Technology (USTM) , Meghalaya on 27th August, 2018

Membership of Academic Associations:

  • Life Member of Indian Academy of Social Science.
  • Life Member & Treasurer of North  East India Education Society ( NEIES) Shillong
  • Editorial Board Member of a peer reviewed international journal, “ InterViews: An Interdisciplinary Journal in Social Sciences”  of  Saint Claret College , Ziro, India  . (June 2014-June 2019)
  • Nominated as Advisory Board member for. “ InterViews: An Interdisciplinary Journal in Social Sciences”  of  Saint Claret College , Ziro, India ( July 2019)     
  • Editorial Board member of the NEHU Journal.
  • Editorial Board  member of the NEIES Journal
  • Presiding officer of  NEHU Internal Complaint Cell (ICC)