Prof. T. B. Subba

Designation: Professor

Anthropology Department


MA, Ph.D

Areas of Interest/Specialization: 

Social and Cultural Anthropology

Experience: Teaching: 35 years

Publication/Books: 16 books

Research Projects: Eight


  1. Gold Medal for securing first class first in MA (1980).
  2. Christian Institute for the Study of Religion and Society (Bangalore) Junior Research   Fellowship 1980?81.
  3. University Grants Commission (New Delhi) Junior Research Fellowship 1981?85.
  4. Homi Bhabha Fellowship (Mumbai) 1992?94.
  5. Dr. Panchanan Mitra Lectureship 2007 awarded by the Asiatic Society, Kolkata.
  6. DAAD Guest-professorship at the Free University of Berlin from April 1 to July 30, 2008.
  7. Baden-Wuerttemberg Fellowship at the South Asian Institute, Heidelberg University, Germany from 15 October 2010 to 15 January 2011.
  8. R.P. Chanda Centenary Medal for 2015, awarded by the Asiatic Society, Kolkata for my contribution to Anthropology.

Ph.D Awarded/Supervised: 12

Administrative responsibilities undertaken: 

  1. Head, Department of Anthropology, North?Eastern Hill University, Shillong from December 5, 1997 to March 15, 1999.
  2. Dean, School of Human & Environmental Sciences, North-Eastern Hill University, Shillong from March 1, 1999 till 10.2.2003.
  3. Head, Department of Anthropology, North-Eastern Hill University, Shillong from 27.2.2003 till 26.2.2006.
  4. Head, Department of Anthropology, North-Eastern Hill University, Shillong from 17.12.2009 till 10.10.2012.
  5. In-Charge, North-Eastern Hill University Publications, Shillong from 23rd June 2010 till 10.10.2012.
  6. Honorary Director, Indian Council of Social Science Research, North Eastern Regional Centre, Shillong from 4th April 2011 till 10.10.2012.
  7. Vice-Chancellor, Sikkim University, Gangtok, Sikkim from 15.10.2012 till 14.10.2017.
  8. Vice-Chairman, Higher Education Council, Government of Sikkim from 25.7.2014 till 14.10.2017.
  9. Chairman, Board of Governors for Centre for Computers and Communication Technology, Chisopani, South Sikkim and Advanced Technical Training Centre, Bardang, East Sikkim from 3.2.2015 till 14.10.2017.

Academic affiliations 

  1. Life Member, Indian Sociological Society, Delhi
  2. Life & Founding Member, Anthropological Association, Mysore
  3. Member, Association of Social Anthropologists of the UK and Common­wealth,  London
  4. Founding General Council Member, Indian National Confederation and Academy of Anthropologists, Kolkata.
  5. Member, European Association of South Asian Studies, Amsterdam.
  6. Honorary Life Fellow, Indian Social Science Association, Agra.
  7. Life Member and Sectional Secretary (2008-09), Indian Science Congress Association, Kolkata.
  8. Member, Sectional Committee, Anthropological and Behavioural Sciences, Indian Science Congress, 2009-2010.
  9. Member, First Academic Council, Sikkim University (2009-2011).
  10. Member, Advisory Committee, Anthropological Survey of India (2007-10).
  11. Member, Indira Gandhi Rastriya Manav Sangrahalaya Council, Bhopal (2010-15).
  12. Member of the Committee on National Integration constituted by the Indian Council of Social Science Research, New Delhi (2014 till date)
  13. Member of the Advisory Committee for Intangible Cultural Heritage constituted by Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage (INTACH), New Delhi, since 2014.
  14. Member of the Academic Council, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi from 14.5.2015 till August 2017.
  15. Member of the Academic Council, Amarkantak National Tribal University, Amarkantak w.e.f. 31st July 2015 till July 2018.
  16. Member of the Governing Board, ASEAN Study Centre, ICSSR-NERC, NEHU Campus, Shillong from August 2016 till October 2017.
  17. Member, Scientific and Technical Advisory Group (STAG), Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change, Govt. of India from 2015 to 2017.
  18. Member, Academic Council, National Resource Centre in Anthropology, Utkal University, Bhubaneswar, Odisha from 28th May 2018 till date.
  19. Member, Governing Council, Asian Confluence, Shillong from 13th March 2019 till date.

Papers presented in Conferences/Seminars: 52 within India and 13 outside India


  1. Member of the committee constituted by the Government of Sikkim to prepare ethnographic report on certain selected ethnic groups of Sikkim, 2005.
  2. Member of the working group on “Language Development and Book Promotion” for the formulation of the Eleventh Five Year Plan 2007-12 constituted by the Planning Commission, Government of India, 2006.
  3. Member of the Empowered Committee on the New Linguistic Survey of India Project constituted by the University Grants Commission, New Delhi.
  4. Member, Committee of the Indian Council of Social Science Research, New Delhi, on Research Methodology and Training Courses (2008-10). 
  5. Member, Regional Centres Committee, Indian Council of Social Science Research, New Delhi (2011-14).
  6. Member, North-East Monitoring Committee, Indian Council of Social Science Research, New Delhi (2012-15).
  7. Chairman, UGC Expert Committee for drafting Learning Outcome-Based Curriculum Framework for Anthropology (May 2018- )
  8. Chairman, Inquiry Committee, Bodoland University, Assam (13th September – 30th October 2018) constituted by the Governor of Assam.

Any other: Invited Lectures Delivered

  1. Plenary lecture titled “From Caste to Tribe: An Autobiographical Essay” delivered at the 2nd Inter-Congress of Indian National Confederacy and Academy of Anthropologists held in Mysore on March 21-23, 2006 and hosted by the Anthropological Association, Mysore.
  2. Third Late Sher Bahadur Chhetri Memorial Lecture on “Settlement of Nepalis in Northeast India” organised by the Assam Nepali Sahitya Parishad and held at Sankardev Kala Kshetra, Guwahati on June 11, 2006.
  3. Inaugural Lecture on “Understanding Cultural Change in Tribal Societies of Northeast India” delivered at Oriens Theological College, Mawlai on 31st July 2006.
  4. Inaugural Lecture on “Myth, Folklore and Philosophy” delivered at the seminar on the same theme, organized by the Sahitya Akademi and held at NEHU Guesthouse cum Seminar Complex on 26-27 August 2006.
  5. Special Lecture on “Problems of Conceptualising Cultural Diversity among the Tribes of Northeast India” at the national seminar on “Man in Biosphere” held in Nagpur on 26-28th February 2007 and organised by the Anthropological Survey of India, Kolkata.
  6. Colloquium Lecture on “The Colonial Northeast India: Policies and Practices” at the Institute of Ethnology, Munich University, Munich on 19 May 2008.
  7. Special Lecture on “The Nepalis in Northeast India” at the National Centre for Scientific Research, Paris on 23 June 2008.
  8. Special Lecture at the Indo-German Friendship Society Meet on “Seven Myths about Seven Sisters” in Berlin on 1 June 2008.
  9. Dr. Panchanan Mitra Award Lecture for 2007 held at the Asiatic Society, Kolkata on 29th August 2008. Topic of the lecture: “Darjeeling and the Sixth Schedule”.
  10. Lectures on “Teaching of Social Sciences in Northeast India” and “Problems and Prospects of Social Science Research in Northeast India” at the Department of History, Diphu Campus of Assam University on 27.3.2009.
  11. Lecture on “Why the Scheduled Tribes in India are more excluded than the Scheduled Castes” at the Department of History and Area Studies, Aarhus University, Denmark on 5th October 2011.
  12. Keynote address on “Discourses on Social Exclusion from Interdisciplinary Perspective” at the workshop on “Discourses on Social Exclusion from Interdisciplinary Perspective” at Hyderabad University, organized by the Centre for the Study of Social Exclusion and Inclusive Policy (CSSEIP) on 30-31 January 2012.
  13. “Nepali Diaspora in India’s Northeast” at Room 816, 8th Floor, Crown House, North Circular Road, London NW10 7PN organised by the Centre for Nepal Studies – United Kingdom on 12 July 2012.
  14. Migration, Inner Line Permit and Armed Forces Special Powers Act in Northeast India: A Ring-side View, Fifth Jayashree Roy Memorial Lecture, North East India Studies Programme, JNU, New Delhi, November 2018.
  15. Delivered the keynote address at the 13th International Conference on South Asian Languages and Literature” hosted by the CIIL Mysore and Indian Institute of Language Studies, Delhi and held at CIIL, Mysore on 8th January 2018. Title: “Sustaining Cultural and Linguistic Diversity in South Asia: Some Suggestions from Anthropological Perspectives”.
  16. Delivered the 8th Prof. B.M. Das Memorial Lecture on “Relocating Anthropological Studies in India’s Northeast” on 25th January 2018 at Conference Hall, Cotton University, Guwahati.
  17. Delivered a plenary lecture titled “Northeast India in Anthropological Perspective” at the Indian Anthropological Congress on “Changing Facets of Human Biology and Culture: Prospects for Development” held in Gauhati University on 22nd February 2018.
  18. Delivered the Foundation Day Lecture on “Middle Class and Museums in India” at the Indira Gandhi Rastriya Manav Sangrahalaya, Bhopal on 21-23 March 2018.
  19. Delivered a lecture on “Tribal status for 11 leftover communities of Sikkim: Eligibility, Aspirations and Apprehensions” at the Sikkim Summit for Tribal Status 2018, Manan Kendra, Gangtok, on 4th May 2018.
  20. Delivered the Elwin Memorial Lecture titled “Verrier Elwin and his Fieldwork Method” at the national seminar on “Verrier Elwin: Fieldwork Tradition and Indian Anthropology” held on 21-22 May 2018 at the NEHU Old Guesthouse and organised by the Anthropological Survey of India, NERC, Shillong.
  21. Delivered an orientation lecture on “Religion and Society in Darjeeling-Sikkim Himalayas” at the Salesian College, Sonada, near Darjeeling, on 23rd June 2018 under the aegis of the Asia Network Faculty Enrichment Programme on Religion in National and International Affairs in China and India  (June 22-29 2018).
  22. Delivered the VI Christoph von Furer-Haimendorf Commemorative Lecture at Rajiv Gandhi University on 22nd November 2018. Topic: “Christoph von Furer-Haimendorf: A Crusader for Tribal Rights”.
  23. Delivered the valedictory address at the workshop on Himalayan Studies and Interdisciplinarity, organised by the Centre for Himalayan Studies, University of North Bengal, Siliguir on December 11-12, 2018.
  24. Valedictory address titled “Custom, Customary Law and Law: A Conspectus” at the international conference on Custom, Law and the Colonial State in Northeast India: Dynamics and Challenges for the Postcolonial State” held on 13-14 June 2019 at NEHU and sponsored by the Nehru Memorial Museum & Library, New Delhi.
  25. Delivered a Golden Jubilee Lecture titled “The Eco-system of a Language and its Survival” at the Central Institute of Indian Languages, Mysore on 15th July 2019.