Prof. A. Kharmalki

Khasi Department

Designation: Professor


  • M.A.(Khasi), NEHU, Shillong,
  • M.A.(Linguistics), University of Delhi,
  • M.Phil, NEHU, Shillong,
  • Ph.D, NEHU, Shillong.


Areas of Interest/Specialization:  

1. Khasi Language & Linguistics,   2. Khasi Language Teaching, 3. Translation and Khasi Literature and 4. Khasi Literature.


  1.  Joined as Lecturer in Post-Graduate Training    College in 1991
  2. Joined as Lecturer in NEHU, Khasi Department in 1998
  3. Joined as Professor in NEHU, Khasi Department in 2008 (till date).

Ph.D Awarded

  1. Mr. Marbhador M.Khymdeit
  2. Mr. Davidson Diengdoh
  3. Ms. Nidaioh Biam.


Administrative responsibilities undertaken : Head,     Department of Khasi  (2 terms from 2011-2014, 2017 till date)

Academic affiliations :

  1. Life member of North East India Education Society
  2. Life member of Tribal Literary Forum of India
  3. Member of Society for Khasi Studies
  4. Member of Reviewing Committee for financial assistance to Khasi Authors, Government of Meghalaya from 2016 till date
  5. Member Khasi Authors’ Society, Shillong.
  6. Member, Advisory Committee, State Literary Award, Government of Meghalaya
  7. Member of Board of Studies in Kokborok
  8. Expert in CBSE Exams.
  9. Member of Board of Studies, EFLU, Hyderabad.

Papers presented in Conferences/Seminars:

  1. Resource Person at the CBSE Workshop held from 22-24 May, 2013.
  2. Resource Person at the Symposium on Mother Tongue – An Indicator of Cultural Identity organised by AIR, Shillong held on the 16th September, 2014.
  3. Resource Person at the one day seminar in Khasi Department and presented a paper on Gender Politics in La Pra Lut Baroh held on the 29th September, 2014.
  4. Resource Person on “Ka Ktien Khasi Ha ka Pule Puthi (Mother Tongue Education: The case of Khasi) held in Soso Tham Auditorium on the 17th December, 2014.
  5. Resource Person in a Workshop organised by Central Board of Secondary Education held from 10th – 13th December, 2015.
  6. Chief Guest at the Phawar Red Ribon Competition held on 22nd March, 2016 organised by the Meghalaya Aids Control Society and Treilang Society, Shillong.
  7. Chaired a session in the National Seminar on Interpreting Tribal Literature: A Multidisciplinary Approach, held on the 19th February 2016, organised by the Department of Khasi, NEHU, Shillong.
  8. Chaired the technical session in a two day International Seminar on “Understanding the Tribes of India” on the 3rd -4th November 2016 held in Synod College, Shillong.
  9. Chaired the technical session in the South and South-East Asian Conference on Austro-Asiatic Languages, 2016 held in NEHU, Shillong. The Conference was organized by the Department of Linguistics, NEHU, in collaboration with NEC, Shillong, CIIL, Mysore and ICSSR-NERC, Shillong.
  10. Chaired the technical session in the One Day Symposium on The Beginning of written Khasi Language and Literature held on the 28th February 2017 in North-Eastern Hill University. The Symposium was organised by the Department of Khasi, NEHU in collaboration with North Eastern Council, Shillong.
  11. Resource Person in reviewing the Learning Outcomes, the materials prepared by the NCERT, New Delhi, from 23-25 July 2017.
  12. Resource Person in the Seminar organized by the Khasi Authors’ Society held on the 16th September 2017 and presented a paper on “Ka Ktien Khasi ha ki Skul Pule”
  13. Resource Person in The Workshop-cum-Training Programme on Testing and Evaluation for Languages of North-East Region organized by Linguistics Department, NEHU from 19th -23rd September 2017 and delivered a lecture on “Testing and Evaluation”.
  14. Resource Person in the Symposium “Ka Khasi kum ka ktien pdeng u Hynniewtrep” and delivered a lecture on “Ka Jingpyndonkem ia ka ktien ha ka Thoh ka Tar” organised by St.Anthonys’ College, Byndihati Campus, East Jaintia Hills, on the 18th November, 2017.
  15. Delivered a lecture on Translation: The scope and challenges organised by the Department of English, Synod College, Shillong on the 29th November, 2017.
  16. As Resource Person and delivered a speech at a Rally on Language Identity, organised by Khasi Authors’ Society, Shillong held on the 22nd September, 2018, at Malki Ground, Shillong.



  1. Ki Nongrim ka Hikai Ktien Khasi
  2. U Doktor Phastos (Translation)
  3. La Pra Lut Baroh (Translation)
  4. Ka Batai Kyntien (A Glossary of Literary and Linguistic Terms).

Book Chapters/Articles

  1. Ka Sapthaw ki Nongthoh: Khyndiat halor kaba Pharia ia ka Sapthaw u Soso Tham da kaba pyndonkam da ka thoiri psychoanalysis halor ‘Ka Jingpynshai’ bad ‘Ha ki Nongpule’.
  2. Khyndiat halor Ka Reader-Response Criticism in “Ka Thwet Jingstad” 2008.
  3. Ka Ktien Lajong: Ka Jingiadei jong ka bad ka Pule Puthi bad ka nang ka stad in Ka Thwet Jingstad (Quest for Knowledge) 2015 (pp 7-11).
  4. Ka Jingpynshai U Chinua Achebe Shaphang ka Ri Aphrika: Ka Bishar Lyngkot ia ka La Pra Lut Baroh. Ka Thwet Jingstad (Quest for Knowledge) Vol.IV No.1 December, 2018 pp 1-4.