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Formats for Assessment and Report Writing

The performance of an institution of higher education may be judged on a number of criteria that indicate to the extent to which the objectives and goals of the institution could be achieved. Some of those criteria submit to objective and quantifiable measures while the others depend on the perception of different stakeholders such as faculty members, students and their parents, non-teaching staff that support the functioning of different departments, the alumni, the superannuated teachers and so on. The evaluation of quality based on perception of different stakeholders necessitates that their perception on different aspects relating to quality be obtained through schedules/questionnaires and analysed systematically. Based on the objective measures of quality and the quantified subjective measures (perceptions) one may arrive at a suitable measure of performance of the institution of higher education. The results of such an exercise are presented in a systematic format that help us prepare the performance reports. A format of report writing is needed for sake of comparison both across the various institutions as well as that of the institution concerned at the different points of time. In what follows, we present various proforma or formats for the said exercise.
I. Reports

1. Annual Quality Assurance Report (at the Institution level)
2. Department's Academic Performance Index (at the Department level)
3. Faculty Performance Report
II. Perception of Different Stakeholders

1. Self Appraisal Report of Teachers
2. Faculty's Feedback Form
3. Supporting Staff's Feedback Form
4. Students' Feedback Form
5. Students' Feedback Questionnaires
6. Alumni's Feedback Form
7. Parents' Feedback Form
8. Superannuated Teachers' Feedback Form