Selected Candidates

Department name Programme Candidates List
Adult and Continuing Education M.A
Notice: Commencement of Classes
Agribusiness Management & Food Technology  MBA (ABFT) Merit List 
Merit List 2nd phase GD/P
Anthropology Department M.A./M.Sc. Selected candidates 
Second list of candidates
Ph.D Selected Candidates
Architecture Department B.Arch. 
Notice: Requirements for Ist Semester students
Biochemistry M.Sc. Selectd Candidates 
University Quota (updated)
Ph.D Selected Candidates
Biomedical Engineering B.Tech List for lateral entry
Ph.D Merit List
Admission for waitlisted candidates General category
Biotechnology & Bioinformatics M.Sc Final list
Ph.D Selected Candidates
Botany M.Sc Merit List 
University Quota (M.Sc Botany & M.Sc. PMB)
M.Sc (Plant Molecular Biology) Merit List 
Second list
Ph.D Selected Candidates
Chemistry M.Sc
Ph.D Selected Candidates
Waiting List
 Commerce M.Com Merit list
Ph.D Selected candidates
Computer Applications, Tura campus  MCA Selected candidates
Ph.D. Merit List
Cultural & Creative Studies M.A. (Folkloristics) Merit list 
Admission for Waiting List
P.G. Diploma (Painting) and Music Merit list
Economics M.A Selected candidates
Ph.D Selected Candidates 
Candidates performance details
Education, Shillong Campus M.Ed Merit List
Ph.D Merit List
Education, Tura Campus M.A
Admission Notification
Fees Structure
Merit List
Ph.D Selected Candidates
Course Work Fees
Electronics and Communication Engineering M.Tech Merit List
B.Tech Merit List for Lateral Entry 2017
Lateral Entry (Waiting List)
Environmental Studies M.Sc. Selected candidates
English Department, Shillong Campus M.A - Notification Selected candidates
Ph.D Selected candidates
English Department, Tura Campus M.A Merit List
Geography MA/M.Sc Selected candidates
PGD Geoinformatics Selected candidates 
Candidates from Waiting List
Ph.D Selected Candidates
Hindi M.A Selected candidates 
Supplementray list
Ph.D Selected Candidates
History M.A Merit list 
Waiting list
Ph.D Merit list
History and Archaeology, Tura Campus M.A Merit list
Ph.D and M.Phil Merit list
Information Technology Ph.D (IT) Merit list
M.Tech (IT) Merit list (IT) Merit list for Lateral Entry
Journalism & Mass Communication MA 
Notice to Selected Candidates
Selected candidates & Waiting List 
Candidate from the Waiting List 
2nd Waiting List Candidate
Khasi M.A Merit list
Ph.D Admitted students
Law B.A. LL.B
New dmission schedule
Admission schedule 
Payment of Fees
Selected candidatkes
LL.M Selected candidates
Ph.D Selected Candidates 
Library and Information Science MLibISc - Notification Selected candidates
Ph.D. Selected Candidates
Linguistics M.A. Selected candidates 
Candidates from Waiting Iist 
Final Waiting List
Mathematics M.Sc.
Important notice
Selected candidates
Ph.D Selected Candidates
Nanotechnology M.Tech Selected candidates -
Philosophy M.A Selected candidates 
Waiting List Admission 
Second waiting list
Ph.D Selected Candidates 
Political Science M.A
M.Phil & Ph.D Selected Candidates
Second list for M.Phil
Physics M.Sc. Selected candidates 
Second list of selected candidates
Ph.D Selected candidates 
School of Technology (IT)
Admission Notification
Sociology M.A
Ph.D Merit List
Statistics M.Sc Merit List
M.Phil & Ph.D Merit List
Tourism and Hotel Management MMTM Merit List 
Candidates from Waiting List 
One candidate from the waiting list 
Ph.D Shortlisted Candidates
Candidate selected from Waiting List
2nd Waitlisted Candidate
 Zoology M.Sc Merit List 
University Special Quota
Ph.D Selected candidates