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Name Department Contact Email
A. Bhattacharjee
Management Department (Tura) (M)919435017519 abhigyanbhattacharjee@nehu.ac.in
A. Sinha
(Associate Professor)
Basic Sciences & Social Sciences Department (O)272 3647 (M)9863095102 emailtosinha@gmail.com
A. K. Maji
(Associate Professor)
Information Technology Department (O)272 3615 (M)9436333083 akmaji@nehu.ac.in
A. K. Singh
Biochemistry Department (O)272 2119
(R)2726119 (M)9402196293
A. K. Thakur
History Department (O)272 3018 3020 (M)9436333397 akthakurnehu@yahoo.co.in
A. K. Yadav
Zoology Department (O)272 2328
(R)2726328 (M)9436161572
A. M. Buhphang
(Associate Professor)
Mathematics Department (O)272 2720 (M)9436161409 ardeline@nehu.ac.in
A. S. Dixit
Zoology Department (O)272 2309 (M)9436312383 asdixitnehu@rediffmail.com
Amarta Kumar Pal
Chemistry Department (O)272 2606 (M)09612002030 akpal@nehu.ac.in
Ambika Prasad Pati
Commerce Department (O)272 3166 (M)9436161659 apatiau@yahoo.com
Amena N. Passah
History Department (O)272 3011 (M)9436102981 ampassah95@rediffmail.com
Amitabha Nath
(Assistant Professor)
Information Technology Department (O)272 3623 (M)9435883232 amitabha.me@gmail.com
Angom Tiken Singh
(Assistant Professor)
Mathematics Department (O)272 2723 (M)9863020684 angom_tiken@hotmail.com
Anindya Halder
(Assistant Professor)
Computer Applications Department (M)+91 7980918985 anindya.halder@gmail.com
Anindya Kumar Biswas
(Associate Professor)
Physics Department (O)272 2840 (M)9436733870 anindya@nehu.ac.in
Ansuman Kumar
(Assistant Professor)
Computer Applications Department
(R)27203651 223107 (M)9089458911
Antoinette Kharmalki
Khasi Department (O)272 3301 (M)9436733213 antoinette_kharmalki@rediffmail.com
Aparna Mathur
( Professor )
History Department (O)272 3016 3020 (M)9402195533 amathur@nehu.ac.in
Aribam Uttam Sharma
(Assistant Professor)
Philosophy Department (O)272 3554 (M)9402195549 ausharma17@gmail.com
Arindam Barman
(Assistant Professor)
Horticulture Department (M)8794703810 arindamnehu@gmail.com
Arun Kumar Singh
(Associate Professor)
Law Department (O)272 3806 (M)9436307530 arunlaw69@gmail.com
Arvind Kumar Chaurasiya
(Assistant Professor )
Horticulture Department (M)8787886532 phthort@gmail.com
Ashok Kumar Erigala
(Assistant Professor)
Education Department (O)272 3350 (M)09490266053 drashokeducation@gmail.com
Asif Ahmed
(Assistant Professor)
Electronics and Communication Engineering (O)272 3667 (M)9485043329 asif@nehu.ac.in
Asit K. Chandra
Chemistry Department (O)272 2622 (M)9436163024 akchandra@nehu.ac.in
Atanu Bhattacharjee
(Assistant Professor)
Biotechnology & Bioinformatics Department (O)272 2406 (M)9436703339 atanubioinfo@gmail.com, abhattacharjee@nehu.ac.in
Atul Saxena
Physics Department (O)272 2827 (M)9436701604 atulnehu@yahoo.co.in

आज का शब्द/ Today’s word
नियतन / Allocation

आज का विचार/ Thoughts of the Day
असफलता से डरो मत, असफलता नहीं , बल्कि छोटा लक्ष्य बनाना अपराध है। महान प्रयासों में असफल होना भी शानदार होता है   | Don’t Fear Failure. Not Failure, but low Aim, is the crime. In Great Attempts it is Glorious Even to Fail.