NEHU Ordinances

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I. OA Series  
  1.   On the Establishment of Schools of Studies 5
  2. On the Establishment of Departments 6-7
  3. On the Establishment of Centres of Studies 8
  4. On Assignment of Depts./Centres to School of Studies 9-11
  5. On Degrees, Diplomas and Certificates 12
  6. On the Board of Research Studies 13
  7. On Boards of the Schools 14-16
  8. On the Board of Post-Graduate Studies 17-18
  9. On the Board of Under-Graduate Studies 19-20
  10. On the Planning Board 21-22
  11. On the Establishment, Structure and Management of Centres in the University 23-25
  12. On the Institute of Self-Organising Systems & Bio-Physics 26-27
  13 On The Board of Studies for Professional Courses 28-29
  14. On the University Science Instrumentation Centre 30-31
    II. OB Series
  1. On the Departments in the School 32-33
  2. On the Deans' Committee 34
  3. On the Powers and Functions of the Deans of Schools 35
  4 On the Functions of Heads of Departments 36
  5. On the Functioning of Academic Departments in the University 37-38
  6. On the Affiliation of Colleges 39-44
    Amended Ordinance OB-6  
  7. On the College Development Council 45-47
  8. On the Scheme of Exchange of Teachers/Experts 48-50
  9. On the Mahatma Gandhi Visiting Professorship 51-53
  10. On the Verrier Elwin Memorial Endowment 54-55
  11. On the Development and Social Change Lecture Series 56-57
  12. On the Barpujari Endowment Lectures 58-59
  13. On Adjunct Faculty Members 60
  14. On the President of India, Dr. Shankar Dayal Sharma Gold Medal 61-62
  15. On the Rajiv Gandhi Chair for Studies in Protective Discrimination 63-65
  16. On Management of Colleges/Institutions maintained by the University 66
  17. On Rajendra Kr. Sunehari Devi Jain Charitable Endowment 67-68
  18. On the NEHU Corpus Fund and its operation 69-70
  19. On Dr. Mahendra Narain Karna Young Sociologist Prize 71-72
  20. On PG Departments in Colleges Affiliated to the University 73-74
    III. OC Series
  1. On the admission of students to the University including its affiliated colleges 75
  2. On the Admission, Enrolment, Migration and Transfer of Students 76
  3. On the Medium of Instruction and Examination 77
  4. On the Doctor of Philosophy Programme
Regulation RC-23 on M.Phil Ph.D Degree Programme (Annexure-A)
  5. On the Master of Philosophy Degree Programme 84-88
  6. On the Master's Degree Programme in Education 89
  7. On the Master's Degree Programme in Arts, Science and Commerce 90-93
  8. On the Structure of Bachelor of Arts, Science, Home Science and Commerce Courses. 94-99
  9. On Equivalence/Recognition of Examinations/Degrees 100
  10. On the Convocation 101-106
  11. On the degree of Doctor of Literature (D.Litt.) and Doctor of Science (D.Sc.) 107-109
  12. On Social Work Education 110-111
  13. On Correspondence Course 112-113
  14. On Certificate and Diploma Courses 114
  15. On Academic Calendar of the University 115-116
  16. On Honorary Degree 117
  17. On Professional Courses 118
  18. On PG Departments in colleges affiliated to  the University 119-120
    Amended Ordinance OC-18  
  19. On Distance Mode of Education 121
    IV. OD Series
  1. On the award of Junior Research Fellowships in Science, 
Humanities and Social Sciences.
  2. On the award of NEHU Post-Graduate Scholarships 126-127
  3. On the Association of Students in Departments and Schools 128-129
  4. On conditions of Residence of the students of the University 130-134
  5. On representation of the PG Students of the 
University on the Academic Council
  6. On Discipline among students in relation to University Examinations 137-140
  7. On Duties and Powers of the Dean, Students' Welfare 141-142
  8. On the maintenance of discipline and proper conduct
among the students of the University.
  9. On the Women's Cell 146-147
    V. OE Series
  1. On the Emoluments and other terms and conditions of service of Pro-Vice-Chancellors 148-149
  2. On the terms and conditions of service of the Registrar 150
  3. On Selection Committee Procedures 151-152
  4. On notification of vacancies and preliminary selections 153-156
  5. On Service Conditions, Salary Scales, Classifications and 
Qualifications of Teachers
  6. On governing Leave to Teachers of the University 160-177
  7. On Floating Posts 178
  8. On the Terms and Conditions of Service of the Finance Officer 179
  9. On the Terms and Conditions of Service of the Controller of Examinations. 180
  10. On the Hill Area Special Allowance to teaching and Non-teaching staff 181
  11. On the Scales of pay and allowances and Service conditions of "other academic staff" other than Registrar, Controller of Examinations and Finance Officer 182
  12. On the Constitution of the Grievances Redressal Committee 183
  13. On the terms and conditions of the service of the 
  14. On Minimum Qualification for Direct recruitment to the posts of Librarian, Dy. Librarian and Assistant Librarian, Dy. Registrar and Assistant Registrar, Director of Physical Education/Deputy and Assistant DPE. 186-189
  15. On Career Advancement Scheme. 190-193
    VI. OF Series
  1. On Fees payable by students 194-199
  2. On the Students' Aid Fund 200-202
    VII. OG Series
  1. On the North-Eastern Hill University Publications 203-206
    VIII. OH Series
  1. On External Research Projects 207-208