The Academic Council

Ex-Officio Members:

  1. Vice-Chancellor
  2. Pro Vice-Chancellor
  3. Deans of Schools
  4. Dean of Students’ Welfare
  5. Heads of Departments and Centres of Studies
  6. Librarian
  7. Principals of Colleges maintained by the University
  8. All Professors, other than the Heads of Departments and Centres, to be nominated by the Vice-Chancellor

The Details:

Prof. Sri Krishna Srivastava
Vice-Chancellor, NEHU, Shillong
Prof. H. Lamin
Pro Vice-Chancellor, NEHU, Shillong
Prof. G. Singaiah
Pro Vice-Chancellor, Tura Campus, NEHU,
School of Economics, Management and Information Sciences Dean – Prof. B.Panda

I. Department of Commerce

Dr.A.P. Pati (Head)
Prof. N.M.Panda

II. Department of Economics

Prof. U.K.De (Head)
Prof. N.Srivastav
Prof. E.D.Thomas
Prof. P.Nayak
Prof. B.Mishra
Prof. B.Panda

III. Department of Library & Information Sciences

Prof. Moses Naga (Head)

IV. Department of Management (Tura)

Prof. J.U.Ahmed (Head)
Prof. G. Singaiah (Pro VC)

V. Department of Agri-Business Management and Food Technology (Tura)


VI. Department of Journalism & Mass Communication


V. Department of Tourism and Hotel Management

Dr. S.K.Dixit (Head)
School of Education Dean – Prof. S.M. Sungoh
I. Department of Education Prof. P.K.Gupta (Head)
Prof. (Mrs.) S.M  Sungoh
Prof. C.Nongbri
II. Department of Education (Tura) Dr. (Mrs.) N.C.Momin (Head)
III. Department of Adult and Continuing Education Prof. E.Jyrwa (Head)
IV. Centre for Distance Education Prof. R.N.Rai (Head)
V. Centre for Science Education Prof. M.S.Bisht (Head)
Prof. D.Bhattacharjee
Prof. P.K.Patra
School of Humanities Dean – Prof. S.Dkhar
I. Department of English (Shillong) Prof. (Mrs.) S.Bhattacharjee (Head)
Prof. (Mrs.) Esther Syiem
Prof. M.M.Mazumdar
Prof. U.G.Sewa
Prof. M.Renganathan
Prof. J.Prodhani
II. Department of English (Tura) Dr. Dwijen Sharma(Head)
Prof. S.Gurudev
III. Department of Hindi Prof. M.P.Pandey (Head)
Prof. D.K.Choubey
IV. Department of Khasi Prof. S.Dkhar (Head)
Prof. B.War
Prof. A.Kharmalki
V. Department of Garo (Tura) Dr. (Mrs.) F. K.Marak (Head)
VI. Department of Philosophy Prof. X.P.Mao (Head)
Prof. Jagat Pal
Prof.B. K.Agarwala
Prof. Vanlalnghak
VII. Department of Linguistics Prof. S. Kr Singh (Head)
School of Human and Environmental Sciences Dean – Prof. R. Khongsdier
I. Department of Anthropology Prof. Lucy T.V.Zehol (Head)
Prof. H.Lamin (Pro VC)
Prof. R.Khongsdier
II. Department of Geography Prof. H.J.Syiemlieh (Head)
Prof. A.C.Mohapatra
Prof. D.K.Nayak
Prof. B.S.Mipun
Prof. Sunil Kumar De
III. Department of Rural Development & Agricultural Production (Tura) Dr.D.C. Kalita (Head)
Prof. S.C.Srivastava
IV. Department of Environmental Studies Prof. D.Walia (Head)
Prof. O.P.Singh
Prof. B.K.Tiwari
Prof. L.K.Jha
Prof. D.Paul
V. Department of Horticulture (Tura) Dr. Sunil Kumar (Head)
Prof. C.P.Suresh
School of Life Sciences Dean – Prof. B. B. P. Gupta
I. Department of Botany Prof. Uma Shankar (Head)
Prof. A.K.Misra
Prof. N.K.Chrungoo
Prof. M.S.Dkhar
Prof. N.Venugopal
Prof. S.K.Barik
Prof. H.Kayang
Prof. S.Kumaria
II. Department of Bio-Chemistry Prof. Donkupar Syiem (Head)
Prof. A.N. Rai
Prof. R.Sharma
Prof. R.N.Sharan
Prof. Anis Alam
Prof. M.B.Syiem
Prof. A.K.Singh
III. Department of Zoology Prof. S.N.Ramanujam
Prof. B.B.P.Gupta
Prof. S.B.Prasad
Prof. R.N.K.Hooroo
Prof. N.Saha
Prof. B.K.Sharma 
Prof. A.K.Yadav (Head)
Prof. B.P.Roy
Prof. A.S.Dixit
IV. Department of Biotechnology and Bio-informatics Prof. S.R.Rao
Prof. Anupam Chatterjee
Prof. K.Aguan (Head)
School of Physical Sciences Dean – Prof. R.H.D. Lyngdoh
I. Department of Mathematics  
II. Department of Chemistry Prof. K.M.Rao (Head)
Prof. B.Myrboh
Prof. R.A.Lal
Prof. R.H.D.Lyngdoh
Prof. A.K.Chandra
Prof. G.Bez
Dr. P.K. Ambasht
III. Department of Statistics Dr. R. Singh(Head)
Prof. (Mrs.) G.Das
IV. Department of Physics Prof. A.Saxena (Head)
Prof. B.M.Jyrwa
Prof. P.Nonkynrih
Prof. Satish Kumar
Prof. Mangol C. Mahato
Prof. Y.N.Tiwari 
School of Social Sciences Dean - Prof. C. A. Mawlong
I. Department of History Prof. A.K.Thakur (Head)
Prof. M.Momin
Prof. (Mrs.) M.Sharma
Prof. V.Rengsi
Prof. C. A. Mawlong
Prof. A.N.Pasah
II. Department of Political Science Prof. K. Debbarma (Head)
Prof. R.Borgohain
Prof. H.Srikanth
Prof. T.T.Haokip
Prof. R.K. Satapathy
III. Department of Sociology Prof. A.K.Nongkynrih (Head)
Prof. C.L.Imchen
Prof. I.L.Aier
Prof. D.V.Kumar
IV. Department of Law Dr. C. Rout  (Head)
V. Department of Cultural and Creative Studies Prof. D.L.Kharmawphlang (Head)
Prof. S.K.Nanda
VI. Department of History & Archaeology (Tura)  
School of Technology Dean – Prof. Gautam Saha
I. Department of Electronic Communication & Engineering Dr. R. Subadar (Head)
II. Department of Information Technology Dr. D. Kandar (Head)
Prof. Gautam Saha
III. Department of Basic Science & Social Science Dr. A. Sinha (Head)
Prof. (Mrs.) P.V.Koparkar
IV. Department of Biomedical Engineering Dr. Dinesh Bhatia (Head)
V. Department of Nano Technology  
VI. Department of Computer Application(Tura)  
VII. Department of Architecture  
VIII. Department of Energy Engineering  
SAIF Prof. G. Bez
Director, Academic Staff College Prof. Rakesh Mohan
Dean Student Welfare Prof. H. Kayang
Dean, Student's Welfare, NEHU, Shillong
Librarian Librarian, NEHU, Shillong
Clause 14(1)(ix)    Six  principals of Colleges admitted to the   Privileges of the University (with effect from 7/7/2014 to 6/7/2017)                                    
  1. Pricipal
    St. Mary’s  College Teacher
    Teacher of Education
    Shillong – 793003
  2. Principal
    Kazi & Zaman College
    New BhaiBari -79
    West Garo Hill District
    Tura – 794002
  3. Principal
    Durama  College
    Megonggre Rongkhon
    P.O. Chandmari
    West Garo Hill District
    Tura – 794002
  4. Principal
    Greater Mawlai college
    East Khasi Hill District
    Shillong – 793017
  5. Principal
    Capt. William Memorial College
    South Garo Hill District Baghmara – 794102
  6. Principal
    Umshyrpi College, Laban
    Shillong - 793004
Clause 14(1)(x)
Five teachers of the University,  by rotation   according to seniority of which two shall be Associate Professors and  three Assistant Professor.      

Associate Professor

  1. Dr.N. Ganguli
    Department of English
    NEHU, Shillong
    (wef 12/2/16 to 11/2/19)
  2. Dr. P. Ramanujam
    Department of Botany
    NEHU, Shillong
    (wef 29/04/2019 for three years )

Assistant Professor
(wef 27/7/16 to 26/7/19)

  1. Dr.B.K. Mohapatra
    Department of Political Sc.
    NEHU, Shillong
  2. Dr. R.C. Pandey
    Centre for Distance Education
    NEHU, Shillong
  3. Smt. J.R. Marak
    Department of Garo
    Tura Campus, NEHU
Clause 14(1)(xi)
Four persons, not being employees of the  University or of a College or Institution by  or affiliated…..(Nominated by the Visitor)
(With Effect from 14th February, 2019 for a period of 3 years)
  1. Prof. Pradeshi Lal,
    Nagaland University
  2. Prof. Saket Khushwaha
    Rajiv Gandhi University
    Arunachal Pradesh-791112
  3. Prof. S. Vasudeven,
    Department of Organic and Physical Chemistry
    IISC Bangalore - 560012
  4. Dr. Vibhash Chandra Jha
    Senior Professor
    Department of Geography
    Visva Bharati
    West Bengal - 731235
Clause 14(1)(xii)
Six teachers of the Colleges admitted to the Privileges of the University
  1. Shri A.R. Myrthong
    Lady Keane College, Shillong
  2. Shri S.K. Pradhan
    St. Anthony’s College, Shillong
  3. Dr. (Mrs) B.H. Buam
    College of Teacher Education
  4. Dr. Prashanta Sarkhel
    St. Edmund’s College, Shillong
  5. E. Kharkongor
    Shillong College, Shillong
  6. Shri Davidson Diengdoh
    Jaintia Eastern College
Clause 14(1)(xiii)
Two Post-Graduate Students of the University.  One from Sciences and one from Humanities and one Research Scholar to be elected on academic merit in the manner prescribed by on Ordinance. 
 Post-Graduate Students
  1. Md. Atiqur Rahman
    M.Sc. III semester
    Department of ECE,
    NEHU  Shillong
  2. Ms. Yavitsono Nakhoro
    MA III Semester
    Department of Geography
    NEHU, Shillong.

Research Scholar

Ms. Algracia Kharbuki
Department of Mathematics NEHU, Shillong.

Permanent Invitee(s) Director
College Development Council
NEHU, ShillongController of Examination
NEHU, Shillong
Secretary (Ex-Officio) Registrar, NEHU, Shillong