Choice Based Credit System

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F.No:Conf/13-5/ORD/99(Vol. III)-263

Dated: 12th September, 2008


In terms of provisions contained under Statute 41(5) & (6) of the NEHU Act 1973 and in pursuance of the 79th Academic Council & 134th Executive Council, The Vice-Chancellor, NEHU is pleased to notify the amendment of the Ordinance which are as under with immediate effect.

1. No: AC:79:2008:2.(iii)
No: EC:134:2008:5:1 (i)
- "Refund of Fees" Ordinace OF-1 under Clause 7 as per Annexure 'A'
2 No: AC:79:2008:5:1:(viii)
No: EC:134:2008:5:1:(iii) & (vi)
- Revised Ordinance for Two Years Degree Courses etc. pertaining to implementation the Choice Based Credit System under Ordinance OC-7 as per Annexure-'B'
3 No: AC:79:2008:5:1:(v)
No: EC:134:2008:5:1:(iv)
- Ordinance of Distance Mode of Education under Ordinance OC-19 as per Annexure-'C'
4 No: AC:79:2008:5:5:(viii)
No: EC:134:2008:5:5:(vi)
- Increase of Identity Card Fee, Sport Fee and Student Association Fee under Ordinance OF-1 as per Annexure-'D'
5 No: AC:79:2008:6:3:(i)
No: EC:134:2008:6:3:(ii)
- Provision of Casual Leave and Special Casual Leave provided in respect of teachers under Ordinance OE-6 as per Annexure-'E'

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NEW Syllabi under Choice-Based Credit System (CBCS)

School of Physical Sciences School of Social Sciences
Department of Chemistry Department of History
Department of Mathematics Department of Sociology
Department of Physics  
Department of Statistics  
School of Life Sciences School of Human & Environmental Sciences
Department of Biochemistry Department of Anthropology
Department of Biotechnology & Bioinformatics Department of Geography
Department of Botany Centre for Environmental Studies
Department of Zoology Department of Rural Development & Agricultural Production (Tura Campus)
School of Humanities & Education School of Economics, Management & Information Sciences
Department of Education (M.A. || M.Ed.) Department of Commerce
Department of English Department of Economics
Department of Hindi Department of Library & Information Sciences
Department of Khasi Department of Journalism and Mass Communications
Department of Linguistics  
Department of Philosophy  
Center for Adult & Cont. Education