Dean Students' Welfare

Dr. R. L. Nongkhlaw
Dean, Student's Welfare
Tel: (0364) 272-1181
Dr. B.F. Lyngdoh Provost, NEHU
Tel: (0364) 272-1183

Whom to contact

Prof. R. L. Nongkhlaw
Dean, Students’ Welfare, NEHU, Shillong
Tel. (0364) 272-1181

Dr. B.F. Lyngdoh
Provost, NEHU, Shillong

Mrs. W. M. Kharbuli          Tel. 272-1182          Hostel Related Matters, Railway Concessions.
Ms. P. Nongrang   Tel. 272-1182 Foreign Students Affairs,
Fellowships (UGC Non-NET and NFST)
Students’ Identity Cards, NEHUSU matters
Ms. R. Nongbri Tel. 272-1180          PG Merit Scholarship, Study Tour Allocations, Student Aid Fund

Functions of the Dean of Students’ Welfare:

The Dean, Students’ Welfare co-ordinate the policies and procedures of the admissions to the various Under-Graduate, Post-Graduate, Research degree programmes, and other full-time and part-time courses of the University. The Dean also Looks after the following:

  • Co-ordinate the admission of students in various halls of residence of the University.
  • Assist the Vice-Chancellor in supervising and controlling the residents of all students.
  • Deal with the matters of management, overall discipline and conditions of living in the halls of residence of the University.
  • Advise the University in the matter of organizations and development of student bodies.
  • Co-ordinate the activities of the different bodies concerning student welfare.
  • Co-ordinate the elections of the office bearers and other representatives of the NEHU Students’ Union and other student bodies in the campuses as per the rules of the University.
  • Advise the University on the nomination of student representatives on various bodies of the University.
  • Supervise and/or organize the co-curricular and sports activities of the Under-Graduate, Post-Graduate Students and ResearSch Scholars in the campuses.
  • Supervise the funds allocation for the cultural and sports activities of NEHU students union and other student bodies in the campuses.
  • Facilitates travel concession to the students and the educational tours/excursions of the students.

Supervise and/or organize such programmes and activities which shall strengthen the students-teacher relationship, student-administration and student-society relationships


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