International Conference on Linguistic Landscaping

About the Conference

The Department of Linguistics, North-Eastern Hill University (NEHU) is happy to announce  the 1st International Conference on  Linguistic Landscaping to be held in India.

Linguistic Landscaping (LL) as a linguistic tool for investigating language use in the public space has become a major research area since the beginning of the 21st Century. In a multilingual setting, the semiotic of signs visible in the different public and commercial domains has emerged as an instrument in capturing the ideological field of research in the present linguistic study. LL approach, as an instrument for social groundings, has broadened the scope of understanding multilingualism in a relatively new and innovative perspective encompassing the different fields of research such as issues of deep multilingualism, inclusive globalisation, emerging linguistic market, language policy and new linguistic world order. The aim of this conference therefore is to provide new platform to linguists and scholars across the globe to discuss the issues relating to LL. Presenters wishing to discuss a very local issue with international specialists are most welcome. In a similar vein to the issues underpinning in the title of the conference, we propose to reflect on the following possible themes but not limited to: 

  • Linguistic landscaping and alternative sociolinguistics
  • Linguistic landscaping and language contact
  • Linguistic landscaping: formal and informal Contexts
  • Linguistic landscaping: language, discourse and geosemiotics
  • Linguistic landscaping and grammatical studies
  • Linguistic landscaping: language policy and ideology
  • Linguistic landscaping: styles and practices
  • Linguistic landscaping and deep multilingualism
  • Linguistic landscaping and digital new age
  • Linguistic landscaping and gender
  • Linguistic landscaping and inclusive globalisation
  • Linguistic landscaping in India and south Asia
  • Linguistic landscaping and language ecology
  • Linguistic landscaping and language technology
  • Linguistic landscaping and linguistic market
  • Linguistic landscaping and localisation
  • Linguistic landscaping and multimodality
  • Linguistic landscaping and emerging power
  • Linguistic landscaping and comfort zone
  • Linguistic landscaping and translation studies
  • Linguistic landscaping and new linguistic world order
  • Linguistic landscaping in North East India
  • Linguistic landscaping in public space representation
  • Linguistic landscaping: Social meaning of sign and revitalisation 

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