Invitation for ideas/proposals about NEHU Incubation Centre

Our university has decided to set up the Incubation Centre, as a supplementary promotional activity of NIRF, to provide an ecosystem for social start-ups, to offer guidance, mentoring, physical space and network for funding and value based collaboration for incubation of novel ideas by active promotion of Start-ups.

In order to ensure that these ventures create great social impact and sustainable solutions at appropriate level, this centre will provide opportunities for experimentation and exploration of newer solutions and methods by active interaction with experts, successful business leaders and academicians and thought leaders.

The major activities of the proposed Centre will be as follows:

The major activities are inter alia, selection of ventures, mentoring, providing seed funding, infrastructure support, undertaking review of ventures and networking for resource mobilization for developmental activities.  Further the centre will offer active incubation support to the new proposed ventures for a period from one to two years, to encourage and support the start-ups ventures to become independent and self-supporting over the period. The centre will help provide technical knowhow to these ventures to become efficient, competent venture models so that they become eligible for formal funding support from donors, philanthropists, network partners and impact investors.

The centre proposes to enter into a MoU with the Govt of Meghalaya through the active partnership with Meghalaya Institute of Entrepreneurship, for incubation of new ideas and their conversion into successful commercial ventures, to enable our young students to get gainful employment and business ownership in a self-sustainable manner.

It has been decided to invite proposals/ideas from our colleagues, who are well known both internationally and nationally for their cutting edge ideas and research experience and other stakeholders, which have the potential for conversion into social entrepreneurship, new business ventures and can create employment and greater social impact, which can be presented to the Govt. of Meghalaya and various senior decision makers, in a Brain Storming Workshop, which will be arranged shortly.

It’s to request you to please send your ideas/proposals which have potential for incubation and their conversion into social entrepreneurship, new business ventures etc., by e-mail ( by  July 24th, 2018 for inclusion in the said Brain Storming Workshop, to which you would be invited to present your ideas as well.  

Invitation for proposal (.pdf)

Published date: 18-07-2018