NEHU takes Anti-Terrorism Pledge

Date: 21/05/2021

With an objective to promote national harmony, unity, and mitigate terrorism among people of all caste, creed, and sex, an 'Anti-Terrorism Pledge’ to mark Anti-Terrorism Day on May 21, 2021 was taken by the officials of North-Eastern Hill University, Shillong led by the Vice-Chancellor, Prof. S.K. Srivastava and the Registrar, Dr. J.N. Nayak, keeping in view the safety of participants and avoiding public gatherings.

As directed by the Ministry of Education, Department of Higher Education, Government of India, officers/faculty/staff of NEHU participated in the anti-terrorism pledge on May 21 at 11am. Due to the prevailing Covid-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdown, the pledge was taken from the safety of their own homes.

On 21 May, every year Anti-Terrorism Day is observed to provide knowledge to the youth about terrorism, its impact on human suffering, and lives. This day also makes people aware of an anti-social act of terrorism.