SNCI Satellite Meeting on Cognitive and Neurodevelopmental Disorders starts at NEHU

Date: 01/11/2021

The Department of Biomedical Engineering in collaboration with the Department of Education, North Eastern Hill University, Shillong organized the Society for Neurochemistry India (SNCI) Satellite meetingin collaboration with the International Brain Research Organization (IBRO) APRC Associate School from 30th October to 1st November, 2021. The aim of the meeting was to delve upon the challenges that exist with population suffering with cognitive and neurodevelopmental disorders and the existing interventions presently available. The focus of the meeting was to provide salient inputs to the policy makers to look into the needs of this population who require constant support and guidance to improve their quality of life and integrate with the society. The key features of the Satellite meeting were open scientific discussions with renowned experts from India and abroad, presentation of the participants through symposia and group meetings during the event. The meeting aimed to bring in people working in the related field for the generation of new technical know-how and sharing of research ideas among the participants and experts for the advancement of the field globally and involving the community at large.

The participants for this meetingwere doctoral research scholars, Master’s students, young faculty members,scientists and researchers working in the field from the Asia Pacific region including countries such as India, Armenia, Nigeria etc. The Inaugural Ceremony was held on 30.10.2021 in blended mode with opening remarks by Dr. Dinesh Bhatia, Associate Professor and Coordinator, Biomedical Engineering Department, NEHU, Shillongwho welcomed all the Guests, Special invitees, officials, participants, supporting staff and print and electronic media. He emphasised on the need for organizing such meetings on a regular basis, the activities undertaken and the different aspects which would be covered by experts from India and abroad.  He profusely thanked the officials of IBRO and SNCI for their kind support rendered in organizing the events. Dr. Bhatia stressed that the technological interventions are important to improve the quality of life. He touched upon the different research findings that affect the quality of life of disabled population in the country. He thanked Prof. P.S. Shukla, Vice Chancellor, NEHU and other University officials for their kind support in successfully organizing the meetings at NEHU, Shillong. Post felicitation of the dignitaries, Prof.A.S. Dixit, Director, IQAC, NEHU,Shillong who was thelnvited Guest for the function spoke about the function of the human brain and its changed behaviour during cognitive impairments. He enumerated on the scientific research data available during his address. He highlighted on the neurodevelopment disorders and how lifestyle changes could lead to their enhancement and existence.  He stressed upon improving the quality of life of people suffering from such disease and continuous engagement of society by organizing such programmes. Prof. M.K. Thakur, President, SNCI and Guest of Honor from Banaras Hindu University (B.H.U.), Varanasi spoke about the importance of ongoing work done in the field and the role of the society in promoting such events on regular basis through annual meetings in collaboration with different Chapters of the local society. He congratulated Dr. Dinesh Bhatia and his entire team and other officials of the University for organizing the event in collaboration with the IBRO APRC Associate School.

Prof. P.S. Shukla, Vice Chancellor, NEHU and Chief Guest inaugurated the SNCI Satellite meeting and spoke about the cognitive impairments which affect the elderly population and how the same could be addressed through different scientific interventions to improve their quality of life. He stressed upon organizing such meetings on regular basis with involvement of the concerned persons and the society at large. He stressed upon disseminating the information generated from such gatherings to the larger audience who could benefit from them in the long run. 

Dr.Rajpal Singh, Secretary (Out Station), SNCI spoke about the need for organizing such events and role of the SNCI in promoting such events in the country and how it would generate new technical know-how by promoting young researchers in the field for the benefit of the society. The Vote of Thanks was presented by Dr. N.A. Reddy, Joint Coordinator from the Department of Education, NEHU, Shillong who profusely thanked the entire team which has been involved in making arrangements for the events and other University officials who supported in smooth organization of the meetings. He expressed his heartful gratitude to each and everyone with special thanks to the IBRO, SNCI officials and Prof. P.S. Shukla, Vice Chancellor, NEHU, Shillong.

Prof. M.K. Thakur, President, SNCI

Prof. A.S. Dixit, Director, IQAC, NEHU, Shillong

Prof. P.S. Shukla, Vice Chancellor, NEHU, Shillong