Observing World Intellectual Property Day at NEHU, Shillong

Date: Apr 26, 2022

To celebrate the World Intellectual Property Day, an awareness program on "IPR & MSME Innovative Schemes" was organised at NEHU, Shillong Campus jointly by Branch MSME-DI, Tura, Meghalaya, Ministry of MSME, GoI; the IPR Cell, NEHU; and the BioNEST Bioincubator Facility, NEHU, Tura Campus. Ms Ipshita Das, Department of Law, NEHU, Shillong introduced the participants to the organising bodies and narrated the importance of IPR in present day. Dr AK Singh, Coordinator, IPR CELL, NEHU welcomed the gathering, and briefed the assembly about the objectives and future goals of the IPR Cell and BioNEST Facility. Prof. Prabha Shankar Shukla, Vice-Chancellor, NEHU chaired the program and encouraged the faculties for applicative and translational research as well as stimulated students and entrepreneurs to implement and transform innovative solutions into sustainable business through the available government schemes. The chief guest and keynote speaker Prof. (Dr). H.S. Chawla, Ex - CEO & Nodal Officer, Intellectual Property Management Centre, Pantnagar briefed the audience about various types of IPs namely, trademark, copyright, patent and elaborated the benefits of Plant Variety Registration that might be translated to the farmers. Shri Nilesh Trivedi, Assistant Director, Branch MSME-DI, Tura discussed the basics of IPR, its applicability to the local and global business markets, the need of Geographical Indications to protect the traditional knowledge of North-East India and the government schemes on IPR for the institutions and startups. The audience, the Faculties, Students, and Scholars of NEHU and Shillong law college enjoyed the lectures and specially the brainstorming interactive sessions followed by each lecture. An important question came up during the discussion that how the communities can be benefited from the patenting of products identified by Geographical Indications which requires further discussion.  The program ended on a good note with the vote of thanks by Dr SK Nandy, CEO, BioNEST, NEHU, Tura and with a demand for more such programs.