NEHU delegation participates in Indian Youth Parliament at Jaipur

Date: Sep 17, 2022

A team of five post graduate students and a teacher of North-Eastern Hill University, Shillong participated in Indian Youth Parliament organised by Media Foundation in Jaipur from 15-17 September 2022. The Indian Youth Parliament was organised to coincide with the UN World Democracy Day. The aim of the programme was to encourage the young minds to actively participate in the democracy. The event saw the participation of over 500 students from different parts of the program which also witnessed eminent statesmen, politicians, teachers and civil service workers delivering lectures.

While speaking to the media, Dr. Davidson Pyngrope, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Nanotechnology, NEHU, who accompanied the students from NEHU mentioned that “Such kind of events provide our students a platform in which they can show their talents and raise their voices on the various burning issues related to democracy. Our students are basically deprived of such events and because of which they generally do not have the courage to speak on points related to their rights as described in our constitution. The programme in many ways has helped our students in honing their talent which is sure to help them in becoming a sound citizen if not statesmen.”

The Indian Youth Parliament while focussing on the democracy discussed various other topics with active participations of the young students. Some of the key issues discussed were the CAA, welfare activities, economic development, social justice, women safety, inflation, education, NEP 2020, reservation policy, corruption etc.

One of the students delegate Anisha Bora, a student of Economics stated that “the IYP provided us a platform to understand the working of Parliament and how to study various issues and form an opinion about them.”

Ericson Rani student of Dept. of Information Technology, mentioned that “The programme was overall a great experience in which many Speakers gave their insight and opinions on different topic which has shun light to us all and the more interesting experience and learning curvature was the debate among all the youth in which we got to know the opinion on a topic from all the region of India as we represents our own respective state”.

Geetarthi Borah, a Geology student of NEHU described the experience as overwhelming with knowledge and provided the students a platform to interact with the leaders and IAS officers and also with the youths of other parts of nation.

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