Student Induction Programme 2023 of the School of Technology, NEHU

Date: Aug 28, 2023

The All India Council of Technical Education (AICTE), New Delhi, has recently introduced the necessity and validity of Student Induction Programme (SIP) for a duration of three weeks under its Model Curriculum and Credit Framework for the B.Tech. Programmes, being drawn from the guidelines of the NEP 2020. The main objective of such an induction programme is to expose the newly admitted students of the B.Tech. Programme to various aspects of life at the time of their entry into the higher education system, mainly when they arrive from their school education background. Thus, the SIP was  conducted for the B.Tech. Entry students in the School of Technology (SoT) in this year of 2023. It was a week-long activity, conducted from 28th August 2023 to 2nd September 2023, and was considered a part of the curricula of their B.Tech. Programmes for the Departments of Biomedical Engineering, Electronics & Communication Engineering, Energy Engineering, and Information Technology.

The SIP was organized to expose the students through interactive lectures and activity-oriented technical sessions about the AICTE prescribed vital components, namely, (i) Physical activity, (ii) Creative Arts, (iii) Universal Human Values, (iv) Literary, (v) Proficiency Modules, (vi) Lectures by Eminent People, (vii) Visits to local Areas, (viii) Familiarization to Dept./Branch & Innovations.

The Inauguration ceremony on 28th August 2023 of the week-long SIP was graced by the Hon’ble Vice Chancellor of NEHU, Prof. Prabha Shankar Shukla, accompanied by a few officers of the University, the CoE, Col (Retd.) Omkar Singh, the Dean of Students’ Welfare, Prof. R.L. Nongkhlaw, the Proctor of the University, Prof. L. Cajee, and the Dean, SoT, Prof. Md. I Hussain.

The inauguration of the SIP started with the welcome address delivered by the Dean, SoT, where he drew the attention of the inductee students to the various facilities available in the University to help a B.Tech. Student grow better and achieve their goals in the field of technology. He also reminded them of the expectations of the University about their behavior in the University environment while newly coming from a school education background. The University Coordinator of UHV-SIP, Dr. Aseem Sinha, delivered a short speech focused on the concept and expected outcomes of the AICTE-mandated SIP, and the same being adopted by NEHU for the first time in the current year of 2023, for the School of Technology students to begin with. He also mentioned the practice of Universal Human Values as an integral part of the Education-Sanskar in their four-year studies of the B.Tech. Programme.

The Honourable Vice-Chancellor, Prof. P.S. Shukla, in his address to the students, emphasized making the best utilization of the opportunities available in the University through the facilities about academics, sports, the physical as well as the e-library system, extra-curricular activities, innovation activity including the possibilities to explore for start-up action and attaining entrepreneurial skills. He also enlightened the students about the mentor-mentee relationship as the recently adopted practice in the University, which may be utilized by the students to freely share their problems with the faculty- mentor allotted to them.

The other Officers of the University present in the Inauguration ceremony highlighted in their speech the examination system of the University and the adherence to rules pertaining mainly to the use of unfair means during examinations, reminded them of sharing their problems related to the hostel seat, its overall management, and the general welfare of a student, the do’s and don’ts associated with the conduct of a student as desired by the University authorities in order to uphold the positive image of the University within as well as outside the University domains.  

The SIP was spanned over six days comprising odd 36 contact hours with the newly admitted students of the four branches of Engineering and Technology, which included the interactive and activity oriented Yoga sessions on all six days, conducted by a trained Yoga teacher cum trainer duly certified by the Art of Living Foundation. Some other key highlights of the SIP were an outcome-evidenced workshop on Human Values conducted by The Avenues, Shillong, which was highly applauded by the student-inductees, and also sports cum physical training activities undertaken by Shri Nantu Das, the Asstt. Director, Sports Department, NEHU.

The Closing ceremony of the SIP was held on 2nd September with the presence of the Finance Officer in charge, Prof. B. Panda, as the Chief Guest to have graced the occasion. Prof. Panda enlightened the students to make an effort to pave their way also in inculcating the entrepreneurship skills through the learning of their subjects of technology. He also shared his concern about the role of a budding technocrat of tomorrow for having a keen interest in learning the socio-economic status of our country and its standing in the international market from a global perspective. He congratulated the student-inductees on being the first beneficiary batch to get exposure to various aspects of mankind and life through this SIP. He also sensitized the students about the role and responsibility of a technical education student for the environment consciousness and protection thus leading to sustainable developments.

The responses of the student-inductees were collected through their feedback in the formats prescribed by AICTE, once before the start of the SIP and the other at the end of the SIP.

Dr. Sudip Paul, the University Co-coordinator of UHV-SIP, delivered the Vote of Thanks in both the inaugural as well as the closing ceremonies of the SIP, to all concerned offices of NEHU, AICTE, various resource persons, and the student-inductees, the real beneficiaries of the week-long SIP.