NEHU's Entrepreneurship Spectacle: Unleashing Innovation and Dreams!

Date: Jun 13, 2024

The North-Eastern Hill University (NEHU) witnessed a momentous occasion with the inauguration of its new Entrepreneurship Development Centre (EDC). This significant event marks a milestone in fostering entrepreneurial spirit and innovation in the region. The EDC, generously sponsored by the North Eastern Council (NEC) and the Indian Institute of Entrepreneurship (IIE), Guwahati is strategically established at NEHU to serve not only the students and faculty of the University and affiliated colleges but also the broader community of East Khasi Hill region.

Entrepreneurship is more than just starting a business; it is about identifying opportunities, solving problems, and driving societal change. In today’s rapidly evolving world, entrepreneurs play a crucial role in fostering economic development, creating jobs, and addressing pressing global challenges. Educational institutions such as NEHU are pivotal in equipping the next generation of entrepreneurs with the skills, knowledge, and mindset needed to succeed. The EDC at NEHU aims to be a beacon of innovation, encouraging students and faculty to take risks, think creatively, and transform their ideas into viable enterprises. By providing a supportive environment, the EDC will help unlock the potential of many aspiring entrepreneurs, contributing to the economic and social well-being of the region.

The event commenced with the Honourable Vice-Chancellor (VC) of NEHU, Prof. Prabha Shankar Shukla inaugurating “Entrepreneurship Development Centre”(EDC), with the officials from NEHU and IIE Guwahati. Mr. Pranab Kumar Sarma, Project Director and Mr. Himanshu Barman, Nodal Coordinator from IIE, Guwahati joined the inaugural programme virtually.

In his welcome remarks, Dr. Dinesh Bhatia, Project Leader of EDC outlined the vision and objectives of the EDC. He elaborated on the various programs and initiatives that the centre would undertake to foster entrepreneurial skills and knowledge among students and faculty. He also mentioned the support systems that would be available, such as mentorship programs, workshops, awareness camps, and access to different incubation and funding opportunities.

Prof. Shukla emphasized on the critical role of entrepreneurship in driving economic growth and societal development. The establishment of the EDC at NEHU is part of a broader initiative to cultivate a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship in the North Eastern region of India. He further highlighted the transformative potential of entrepreneurship. He discussed how the EDC would serve as a catalyst for nurturing innovative ideas, providing essential support and resources to aspiring entrepreneurs within the university and the local community. The VC also underlined the importance of collaboration between academic institutions and industry to create a vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Prof. Hasan Askari, from Chemistry Department as the Guest of Honour, shared his insights on the vital role of entrepreneurship in academia and its impact on regional development. He applauded NEHU’s efforts in setting up the EDC and expressed optimism about the positive changes it would bring to the community and region.

Professor Sirsendu Sekhar Ray, Coordinator, EDC also delivered the vote of thanks, expressing gratitude to all the dignitaries, sponsors, and attendees for their support and participation. He emphasized on exploring different opportunities to empower students further. NEHU’s commitment to progress and collaboration brightly on this auspicious day.