B.A. L.L.B (Honours) - Law Department

Course type: Graduate
Duration : 5 Years

Detailed Information

The course is a Five Year Integrated Degree Programme which is for a duration of five years comprising ten semesters. The Course aims to achieve the following objectives:

  • To advance and disseminate knowledge of law and legal processes in the overall context of national and global developments;
  • To develop a broad and holistic perspective which would help the students to understand law's intricate relationship with society, economy, polity and history;
  • To develop professional skills and highest standards of professional behaviour and personal integrity;
  • To inculcate in every student a sense of responsibility towards the society and respect for human life and dignity;
  • To help students to develop qualities of leadership, initiative and drive; and
  • To develop their overall personality and enhance their abilities to formulate, structure and resolve intricate and complex problems.

The Department proposes to accomplish the above objectives through a multi-pronged strategy which will involve:

  • Multi-disciplinary enquiry and practical appreciation of problems through the use of class lectures, extension lectures, discussions, case-method of study, simulations such as moot courts and mock-trials, project assignments, field-work and court visits;
  • Co-operative teaching where two or more teachers offer a course and jointly interact with the same class particularly to facilitate multi-disciplinary analysis of legal problems;
  • Use of syndicate/group studies where a group may be asked to carry out a project through all its stages, basically to develop qualities of leadership, team spirit, cooperation, adjustment and accommodation;
  • Preparation and use of reading material containing the course outlines, teaching plan, reading list and study material consisting of decisions of the courts, articles and excerpts from books, journals and reports;
  • Clinical programme, which will combine in itself several components such as skill in advocacy, legal reasoning, professional ethics, counseling, interviewing, negotiations, arbitration and alternative dispute resolutions, research and preparation of written briefs, community work and legal reforms. The clinical programme will make use of both the actual field-work as well as the simulated situations and seek to integrate them with the class room instructions. The clinical programme will be conducted with the help of the Legal Services Clinic of the School to be set up as part of the Five Years Programme;
  • Internship/placement programme, which will help students in manifold ways besides preparing them for a smooth transition from law school to their professional careers;
  • Developing of language, communication skills, accountancy for lawyers and proficiency in the use of computers will be other thrust areas; and
  • The programme will make use of continued internal assessment, which is innovative, impartial and fair.