M.A - Adult and Continuing Education Department

Semester –I

ACE (C) 101: Introduction to Adult and Continuing Education
ACE (C) 102: Adult Psychology
ACE (C) 103: Methods of Communication in Adult Education
ACE (C) 104: Environmental Education
ACE (C) 105: Research Methodology

Semester –II

ACE (C) 201: National and International Perspective of Adult Education
ACE (C) 202: Policies and Programmes of Adult Education in India
ACE (C) 203: Group Work in Adult and Continuing Education
ACE (C) 204: Inclusive Education
ACE (O) 205: Extension Education

Semester –III

ACE (C) 301: Guidance and Counselling
ACE (C) 302: Women Education and Empowerment
ACE (C) 303: Management of Non- Governmental Organization’s
ACE (O) 304: Human Resource development
ACE (O) 305: Rural Development

Semester –IV:

ACE (C) 401: Population and Development
ACE (C) 402: Community Organization and Community Development
ACE (C) 403: Entrepreneurship and Skill Development
ACE (C) 404: Material Development in Vernacular Language
ACE (C) 405: Disaster Management