Department of Anthropology

Programme: M.A./M.Sc.

M.A./M.Sc. (Students with B.A. background get M.A. and those with B.Sc. background get M.Sc.) 
The existing masters’ degree programme of the department is based on semester system. The first two semesters (first year) gives emphasis on orientation to basic core courses of anthropology with a view to promoting and developing integrative thinking for consolidating anthropological teaching and research. The last two semesters are devoted to two major streams of specialization - Biological and Cultural Anthropology. However, interface papers are also introduced in these two semesters to train and develop a broad outlook and understanding of humankind from both biological and cultural perspectives. In addition, M.A./M.Sc. students are required to carry out fieldwork for writing their dissertation, which is compulsory and carries 100 marks. In doing so, the students are taken to the field to train them how to conduct fieldwork and collect data. 

The evaluation of students is made at two levels: (a) sessional evaluation (25%) consists of tests, writing of assignment and presentation of seminar during the coursework of the semester; (b) The end-term evaluation (75%) is made to assess the performance of students in the final examination at the end of each semester as per provision under Choice Based Credit System.