Master Degree - History Department

Course type: Post Graduate
Duration : 2 Years

This programme is based on one-year two-semesters of orientation and basic courses (core courses), followed by two semesters of specialisation. The last two semesters are devoted to particular streams of specialisations in geography. In addition, the MA/MSc students are required to undertake two field study programmes, one pertaining to a general understanding of the nature of development taking place in the country, the other is an intensive study based on field surveys on different aspects of rural and urban life in the region, on which they write a full paper of project. The evaluation of the students is made at two levels: (a) sessional evaluation (25%) consists of tests, writing of term papers and long essays and semester seminar presentation during the course work of the semester. (b) The external evaluation is made to assess the performance of the students in the final examination, at the end of the semester.