Department of Biomedical Engineering

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Head of Department

Prof. Sirsendu Sekhar Ray
Contact: 0364 2307930 3851


Department of Biomedical Engineering
North-Eastern Hill University
Shillong 793 022


  • B.Tech
  • M.Tech
  • Ph.D in Biomedical Engineering
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    About the Department


    The Department of Biomedical Engineering (BME) was established in the year 2012, under the School of Technology, NEHU, Shillong, funded by MHRD, Government of India, with the specific purpose to promote studies in new emerging areas of medical sciences employing advancements in technology for the benefit of masses. In addition, the Department of the University intends to provide education to young minds to achieve better health care solutions with an emphasis on learning new techniques, developing innovative ideas through learning, skill development, Research and Development (R&D), and Industry-Institution interaction in the field.


    The Department is one of the few institutes in the North-Eastern region offering programs in Biomedical Engineering. The Department aims to focus on strengthening R&D activities to develop products and services that can be transferred to society for the benefit of humankind.  The students are being prepared to face the emerging challenges in Biomedical Engineering by faculty members having rich expertise, diversity, and experience in this field. The core part of the curriculum embodies scientific and engineering knowledge essential to the profession. In addition to the core courses, the program also incorporates current and emerging technologies relevant to Biomedical Engineering. To tackle unknown medical problems with engineering technology, the curriculum has been designed by balancing various core, specialized and elective courses by offering several practical papers and challenging projects. The curriculum is also enriched with management papers to give students exposure in the field of corporate management. The Department has faculty with rich research and teaching experience drawn from different parts of the country. The Department is offering B.Tech, M.Tech and Ph.D programs in Biomedical Engineering.

    Present Students 

    Infrastructure Facilities

    Over the years, the Department has developed one of the best infrastructure facilities for its various teaching and research programs. The Department has spacious lecture halls, tutorial rooms, and specialized laboratories to provide the requisite environment for students' overall growth and development. The lecture halls are equipped with audiovisual, e-learning, and internet facilities to impart quality teaching. In addition, the Department is well connected with high-speed internet facilities through the university's centralized VSAT network. 

    Major Equipment / Facilities available in the Department:

    Department has specialized laboratories with quality research facilities. Students perform experiments on different subjects such as Biomedical instrumentation, Medical Signal, Image Processing, Anatomy and Physiology, Medical Biochemistry, Biomechanics, Rehabilitation, Physiological systems modeling & Simulations, Biomaterials, and Nanomedicine, etc.

    Equipment's / facilities available in the Department: 

    • Measuring, Recording, and Monitoring Instruments: Physiological recording system comprising of ECG, EEG, EMG, PCG, GSR, pulse-oxymeters, pulse rate, blood pressure, body temperature, respiration measurements, stress test with spirometry, wireless EMG recorder
    • Analytical Equipment:  UV-Vis Spectrophotometer, pH meters, ultra cooling centrifuge (-20 0C), probe sonicator, high-resolution microscopes, digital weighing balance, Quartz double distillation unit, magnetic stirrer, and Oven.
    • Spectrofluorometer
    • Cutting plotter
    • Multiple position magnetic stirrers
    • Data acquisition system and amplifiers modules for the bio-signal recording
    • Demonstration modules for cardiac pacemakers and defibrillators
    • Microprocessor and microcontroller modules
    • Workbench for Hardware designing
    • Computer laboratory facilities with internet facility
    • Universal Testing Machine loading up to 200KN
    • Motion Analysis software for body modeling.
    • 3D Printer-PLA, ABS, UV-Vis
    • GAIT Laboratory- Force plate and Motion sensor camera
    • Wireless EMG
    • Data acquisition system and amplifiers modules for the bio-signal recording
    • Demonstration modules for cardiac pacemakers
    • Demonstration module for Ventilators
    • Holter Monitor
    • Demonstration module for Heart-Lung Machine
    • Bioelectric amplifiers kits
    • Cardiac stress test machine
    • Digital Storage Oscilloscope
    • Function Generators
    • Work station set up
    • Blood Pressure measuring instruments (Digital and analog)
    • Multipara Monitoring System

    Sponsored research Projects

    Sl. No. Title of Project Project Team members Funding Agency
    1 Design of Artificial Hand with Artificial Fingers Mr. Nitin Sahai
    Dr. Dinesh Bhatia
    Dr. Sudip Paul
    Dr. Suresh Verma
    Twinning projects for the NE-2013, Department of Biotechnology, Government of India
    2 To study relief of muscle spasticity in C.P. kids by employing r-TMS from 2014-16 Dr. Dinesh Bhatia
    Dr. Arun Mukherjee
    SEED Division, Department of Science and Technology (DST), Ministry of Science and Technology, Govt. of India.
    3 Design of pulsed electrical Knee stimulator for osteoarthritis (O.A.) patients from 2014-16 Dr. Dinesh Bhatia
    Dr. Sudip Paul
    Department of Science and Technology (DST), Ministry of Science and Technology, Govt. of India.
    4. Development of an interactive interface for early identification of abnormalities in lower limb muscles of humans Dr. Dinesh Bhatia NASI, DST, Delhi, GOI
    5. Automatic Segmentation of Abdominal Organs from 3D Medical Data Sets for Diagnosis and Treatment Planning Sh. Gajendra Kumar Mourya Science and Engineering Research Board (SERB), Department of Science and Technology (DST),
    Govt. of India.
    6. Design of Neural Network based Pacemaker Dr. Dinesh Bhatia
    Mr. Nitin Sahai
    Dr. Sudip Paul
    DBT, Delhi
    7. Analyzing Brain Activity in Understanding Cultural Interaction with Substance use and Stress Dr. Dinesh Bhatia UGC Kothari Fellowship, GOI
    8. Design of Smart FES for Physically challenged Dr. Dinesh Bhatia DST, Delhi
    9. Modeling, Simulation and Development of Smart Active Ankle Foot Orthotic Device for Gait Rehabilitation Sh. Nitin Sahai
    Dr. Dinesh Bhatia
    Twinning Programme, DBT, GoI
    10. Bottom-Up Nanobiocomposite Film of Protein, Polymer and Nanoparticles by Langmuir Bldgett/Layer by Layer Technique for Pesticide Sensing Application Dr. Mrityunjoy Mahato
    Dr. Manashjit Gogoi
    SERB, DST, GoI
    11. Conversion of Waste Plastic into Value Added Products Dr.Mrityunjoy Mahato
    Dr. Manashjit Gogoi
    SERB, DST, GoI
    12. Quantum Dot Based Biosensor for Early Detection of Prostate Cancer Using multiple biomarkers in Biological samples Dr. Manashjit Gogoi
    Dr. Abhijeet Balwantrao Joshi
    Dr. Mrityunjoy Mahato
    Dr. Prashant Kodgire
    Department of Biotechnology, Government of India.
    13. Screening of human Brucellosis in Northeast region using point of care immunological and molecular tools Dr. Surya Bhan
    Dr. Rajpal Singh Kashyap
    Dr. Nitin Sahai
    Dr. Manashjit Gogoi
    Dr. Aliabbas Hussian
    Department of Biotechnology, Government of India.
    14. Development of cost effective web and mobile application for detection of Parkinson's Disease Dr. Sudip Paul
    Dr. M. Hussain
    Dr. Dinesh Bhatia
    Science and Engineering Research Board (SERB), DST, Delhi under IMPRINT-2
    15. Development of gait training tools and mobility aids for Parkinson's Patients Dr. Sudip Paul
    Shri. Gajendra Kr. Mourya
    Dr. Neelesh Kumar
    DBT's Twinning Programme for NER, Department of Biotechnology (DBT), Govt. of India( 2021-2024)

    Thrust Areas of Research

    • Biomechanics and Rehabilitation Engineering
    • Biomedical devices and signal processing
    • Bio-nanotechnology and drug delivery
    • Medical Image analysis and processing
    • Biomaterials and artificial organs
    • Medical Informatics and Telemedicine
    • Virtual Instrumentation
    • 3D Bio-printing, 3D Printing, and design for medical implants
    • Computer-Aided Tissue Engineering
    • Signal and Image Processing
    • Marketing, International Business
    • Environment Sustainability
    • Electrophysiology
    • Biomedical Instrumentation
    • Machine Learning and ANN
    • Biomedical Signal Processing
    • Neural mechanism and motor neural
    • Cognitive disorders
    • Cancer drug delivery
    • Magnetic nanoparticles
    • Hyperthermia
    • Biosensor

    List of patent/copyright

    • Granted: 4 November 2020, "Interactive Gaming Device For Cerebral Palsy Intervention, Treatment And Management And Its Method Thereof" (Patent number: 2020102546, Australia Innovation Patent)
    • Granted: 6 January 2021, "A Method And An Automatic Device For Disinfecting Books Using Heat And Ultraviolet Rays" (Patent number: 2020103336, Australia Innovation Patent)
    • Granted: 21 January 2021, "Hearing aid along with Wireless doorbell vibrator system and Electronic Torchlight facility" (Patent No: 356318, Indian Patent)
    • Granted: 8 April 2021, "Tremor Identification Device for Parkinson's Disease" (Patent No: 364299, Indian Patent)
    • Published: 15 May 2020, "Automated Vehicle Accident and Theft Prevention Device" (Application No: 201931019856, Indian Patent)
    • Published: 22 May 2020, "Cost-Effective and Non-Contact Digital Thermometer" (Application No: 202031015705, Indian Patent)
    • Published: 19 October 2020, "A Method And An Automatic Device For Disinfecting Books Using Heat And Ultraviolet Rays" (Application No: 202031045548, Indian Patent)
    • Published: 14 December 2019, "Autonomous Navigation Module for powered Wheelchair" (Application No: 201931051951, Indian Patent).
    • Filed copyright (Application Ref. No.: T.I. (55) /TIFA/2014 dated 25.02.15) registered through TIFAC, Delhi for software on Patient Classifier Algorithm (PCA) developed for project "Design of Smart FES for physically challenged persons" funded by the Department of Science and Technology (DST), Delhi.
    • Patent filed through TIFAC, Delhi smart FES device developed for the completed project "Design of Smart FES for physically challenged persons" funded by the Department of Science and Technology (DST), Delhi.

    Workshop/Conference Organized

    • National Conference on "Advances in Computational Neuroscience (ACNE)" sponsored by INCNE grant, NBRC, Manesar, Department of Biotechnology (DBT), Govt. of India. (24.03.2014 to 29.03.2014).
    • National Conference on "Recent advancements in Biomedical Engineering" (NCRABME-2015) (28.08.2015 to 29.08.2015)
    • Workshop on "Virtual Laboratory" (Nodal Centre for North Eastern Region) under NMEICT initiative MHRD, GoI (30.10.2015 to 31.10.2015)
    • 29th Annual Meeting of Society for Neurochemistry, India: National Workshop and Conference on "Advances in Computational Neurochemistry and Neurobiology" (16.12.2015 to 21.12.2015).
    • National conference on Biomechanics and Rehabilitation Engineering (BIOREHAB-2016) (15.09.2016 to 16.09.2016)
    • Workshop on MIMICS Innovation Suite (19.09.2016 to 20.09.2016)
    • Workshop on Advanced Tool in the MATLAB collaborates with ELMAX, Kolkata (27.09.2016)
    • Virtual Laboratory Workshop (Nodal Centre for North Eastern Region) (26.10.2016 to 28.10.2016)
    • IBRO-APRC Associate School on "Computational approaches in Neuroprotection and Neurorehabilitation" (05.06.2017 to 10.06.2017)
    • "Virtual Laboratory," under NMEICT initiative MHRD, Govt. of India, collaborates with IIT, Roorkee (08.03.2018 to 09.03.2018)
    • AICTE-ATAL workshop on "ATAL 3D Printing & Design" (02.03.2020 to 06.03.2020)
    • Outreach program by Bio-NEST NIPER-Guwahati Incubation Center collaborates with NEHU, Shillong (24.02.2020)
    • AICTE-ATAL workshop on "Robotics for Healthcare" (04.11.2019 to 08.11.2019)
    • Winter Internship Program for the B.Tech. Students on Scientific and Computational Tools for Engineers (02.01.2020 to 17.01.2020)
    • IEEE International Conference on “Computational Performance Evaluation (ComPE-2020) (02.07.2020 to 04.07.2020)
    • UGC-HRDC, NEHU, Shillong sponsored Short-term Course in Bio-medical Technology with focus on Stress and its Remedies (14.12.2020 to 21.12.2020)

    List Of Office Staff and Laboratory Technicians:-

    Sl. No Name of the Staff Designation Contact No.
    1 Wanteibor Kharbuli DEO 87320-68439
    2 Kyrmenskhem Sohlang MTS 87875-00849
    3 Richman Kharwanniang Lab Technician 98626-27450
    4 Bansuklang Mylliemngap Lab Technician 89749-06122