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Head of Department

Dr. Ravi Ranjan Kumar
Email: hodgeology@nehu.ac.in


Department of Geology, 
North-Eastern Hill University

Faculty members

About the Department

The department of Geology was established on 23rd February 2021 after sanction from University Grants Commission, New Delhi and approval from the NEHU’s Executive Council. The Department of Geology is placed under the School of Human and Environmental Sciences and has approval to service the M. Sc. and Ph. D. programmes in the field of Geology. After the establishment of the Department of Geology the services of Prof. Devesh Walia were transferred from Department of Environmental Studies to Department of Geology.  The approval of the framework and syllabus of the M. Sc. Program was granted by the academic Council.

Importance of the Department of Geology

The study of Geology is important in the region as Meghalaya is endowed with rich mineral resources, and is one of the richest in the Northeastern Regions; Geology plays an important role in meeting increased demands of mineral and energy resources; The economic and political power can be achieved through geological mapping and exploration of minerals; The Meghalaya represents the Geology in a nutshell, and has almost all the metallogenic epochs and provinces.

The envisioned mission of country’s preparedness, response and mitigation for any disaster in such disaster-prone areas, and concerns over water, global climate change, ocean and mineral resources can only be fulfilled if a continuous stream of skilled persons with background knowledge of the geological sciences are provided by Universities like NEHU to fill-up the shortage of trained manpower.

Thrust area of research in the Department:

Igneous and Metamorphic Petrology; Geochronology and Geochemistry, Seismicity and Active Tectonics; Structural Geology and Tectonics; Radon Emanation Studies; Sedimentology; Earthquake Forecasting; Disaster Mitigation and Management; Geophysical Studies in the NE region; Mineral and Water Resources: Prospecting and Exploration; Climate Change studies; Fuel Geology and Geoinformatics

Brief Statement of Academic Activities:

The department, apart from its usual teaching programme, has already successfully organized various webinars, Training Programmes, Online Quiz Competition etc in a short time span. The Department will continue to grow and conduct more similar programmes.

 Course offered :-

  1. M.Sc Post Graduate degree.
  2. Ph.D

Student  Intake

  • MSc : 14 + 2 (EWS)  (Academic Year 2023-24) 
  • Ph. D. : Varies from year to year