Chemistry Department

Head: Prof. S. Mitra


Contact: 0364 - 272 2601/2602


Prof. S.Mitra, Head (In-Charge)
Department of Chemistry
North-Eastern Hill University 
Shillong 793 022


Established in the year 1976, the Department of Chemistry has been imparting higher education in Chemistry by training students through its ongoing M.Sc. and Ph.D. programmes. The academic and research programmes of the Department have been designed to enable the students to acquire a good understanding of Chemistry at the molecular level. The department already has developed a strong multidisciplinary character. Its research activities are focussed to rationally employ the knowledge of advanced Organic, Inorganic chemistry and computational chemistry for the synthesis of new biologically active compounds, advanced materials and state-of-the-art technologies in sensing and green chemistry.

The instrumentation and library facilities of the Department have been extensively utilized by members of various other educational institutions. The research is funded by several departmental grants as well as from major Indian funding agencies like DST, CSIR, UGC, NEC and others.


There are about 74 M.Sc. students in post-B.Sc. 4-semester Master of Science program. The Department also has a strong Ph.D. program with around 60 Ph.D. students working under 17 faculty members with areas of research encompassing all major sub-disciplines of chemistry.


The Department offers two year (semester wise) Master of Science and Ph.D. programme in different fields of Chemistry.

Recognition: The Department has been recognized by UGC as “Centre for Advanced Studies (CAS)” and also got support twice from DST under FIST programme.

Experimental Facilities:

Experiments performed in laboratories are crucial to the understanding of natural phenomena, and are an integral part of research and training in Chemistry.

The research laboratories are currently equipped with IR, UV-Vis and Fluorescence Spectrophotometers, single crystal XRD, GC, Ion-Chromatograph, LCR Meter, TGA and CV Equipments, Auto- MSB Magnetic Susceptibility, etc.  

Other experimental facilities like NMR, SEM, TEM etc are provided by SAIF.

Computational Facilities:

The Department has four high-speed workstations and one 4-node cluster to facilitate computational studies. The Department has Gaussian 16, Amber, TurboMole and GaussView programs for electronic structure calculations and visualization.

Social Out-Reach Programme:

The Department takes up various social out-reach programmes through CHEMISTRY CLUB, such as Science awareness workshops in schools, cleaning drive, donating school kits to poor students, etc. Chemistry Club arranges cultural activities, sports and picnic for developing community feeling and stress free environment.

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