Khasi Department

Head: Prof. D. R. L. Nonglait



Department of Khasi,
North-Eastern Hill University
Shillong 793 022
Phone No. 272 3301/ 272 3302


The Khasi Department, in the two decades of its existence, has made tremendous efforts to develop and enrich Khasi language and literature. The Department has also continued to encourage M. Phil & Ph.D. scholars to work on the various thrust areas of research in order to fill the need of study materials for the different courses offered by the Department.


The Department of Khasi offers the following courses

  • M.A.
  • M.Phil
  • Ph.D.

Thrust Areas of Research : Khasi Literature, Khasi Linguistics, Culture in Khasi Literature, Literature in Translation, Environmental Awareness in Khasi Literature, Khasi Literary Theory and Literary Criticism.

आज का शब्द/ Today’s word
नियतन / Allocation

आज का विचार/ Thoughts of the Day
असफलता से डरो मत, असफलता नहीं , बल्कि छोटा लक्ष्य बनाना अपराध है। महान प्रयासों में असफल होना भी शानदार होता है   | Don’t Fear Failure. Not Failure, but low Aim, is the crime. In Great Attempts it is Glorious Even to Fail.