Department of History and Archaeology (Tura Campus)

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Head of Department

Dr. Tilok Thakuria


Department of History and Archaeology
North-Eastern Hill University, Tura Campus
Tura - 794002, Meghalaya 


  • M. A. In History & Archaeology
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    About the Department


    The North-Eastern Hill University is the oldest central university in the northeastern part of India. Having acquired academic excellence in the areas of science, social sciences, humanity and languages during the last 50 years, the University started the Department of History and Archaeology in 2012 to promote the archaeological study of this region under the School of Social Sciences at Tura Campus.Thrust Areas of Research

    Thrust Areas of Research

    The primary focus of the department is research in history and archaeology. The goal is to promote research in the history and archaeology of India and Southeast Asia. The department gives particular interest in encouraging research in history, archaeology, ethno-archaeology, and cultural studies of Northeast India. Aside from these, it intends to investigate research areas such as business history, entrepreneurship studies, intellectual history studies, and the caste system of India in general, and North-East India in particular.

    Recently, the Department established an archaeological laboratory with scientific equipment for archaeological survey and documentation. The laboratory is also equipped with other necessary instruments for archaeological studies. The department also provides scholars and students with computer access.

    Course Offered:

    M.A  (intake 30)
    Ph. D.

    Outline of the MA Syllabus (Revised Syllabus 2018)

    Semester I

    HAR-C-101: Historical Methods – I, HAR-C-102: Pre-Historic Archaeology, HAR-C-103: Social and Polity formation in Ancient India-I, HAR-C-104:  Introduction to Archaeology, HAR-C-105: Social and Polity Formation in Northeast India

    Semester II     
    HAR-C-201: Historical Methods – II, HAR-C-202: Social and Polity formation in Ancient India-II, HAR-O-203: Archaeology of Northeast India, HAR-C-204: Pre-Industrial Society, HAR-C-205: The Neolithic Cultures in India

    Semester III   
    HAR-C-301: Capitalism and Colonialism-I, HAR-C-302: Practical in Archaeology, HAR-C-303: State and Society in Medieval India, HAR-O-304 Society and Religion in Northeast India, HAR-O-305: Art and Architecture of India

    HAR-C-401: Capitalism and Colonialism – II, HAR-C-402: Making of Modern India, HAR-C-403: Chalcolithic Cultures in India, HAR- C- 404: Environmental History of India, HAR-C-405: Perspectives in History and Culture of North-East India

    Research Scholars

    The Department has 6 registered Ph.D. Scholars