Sociology Department

Head: Prof. D. V. Kumar

Contact: 272 3040/ 272 3051


Department of Sociology, 
North-Eastern Hill University 
Shillong 793 022 


The teaching of sociology in NEHU was started in 1976 in the erstwhile Department of Sociology and Anthropology with a Professor, a lecturer and 21 M. A. students and an initial faculty strength of five. It was housed in a private bungalow in a residential area and the classes were held in the garage, only 20 chairs could be accommodated. The University Grants Commision (UGC) granted five more positions in December 1976 for the Fifth Years Plan period. Thus, the strength of the faculty turned out to be: Professors-2, Readers-4 and Lecturers-4. However, the effective strength of the Department continued to be seven, while the total number of students had reached 60 by 1980. All these years, the department gave instruction in Sociology at M. A. and M. Phil. levels and the NEHU awarded degrees only in Sociology from this department. From the very beginning efforts were made to evolve the Courses keeping in mind the Universal, (Indian) national and (North-East) regional traditions. Besides giving instructions at M. A., M. Phil and Ph. D. programmes, the Department in involved in active research by taking up projects, organizing seminars/conferences/symposia, attending seminars, conferences and by publishing articles and books.

The department started in July 1976 with joining of Prof. G. S. Aurora to NEHU, who was instrumental in recruiting two readers (Dr. A. P.Sinha and A. C. Sinha) and two lecturers (Mr. C. Nunthara & M. K. Rao). Dr. Rao left the department within two years and prof. Aurora too left NEHU in July 1980. By then Dr. V. Xaxa, Mr. Nikhilesh Kumar and Mr. C. L. Imchen had joined as lecturers and Dr. M. N. Karna as reader in the Department. With starting of the Department of Cultural Anthropology in the University in 1982, half of the faculty positions were transfered to the department of Anthropology and Dr. A. P. Sinha opted out of Sociology. Dr. P. M. Chacko was recruited as a reader in the Department as a reader in the department in 1985. Dr. P. S. Dutta joined and left and Dr. I. L. Aier joined the department as lecturer in late 1980's. By then four faculty members- Mr. C. Nunthara, V. Xaxa, N. Kumar and C. L. Imchen- elevated to readership. During the Eight Five year plan period the UGC granted a post og Professorship to which Dr. C. Nunthara was promoted . Mr. A. K. Nongkynrih was selected as a lecturer in 1991.

Prof. M. N. Karna went on deputation to A. N. S. Institute of Social Sciences, Patna as Director in 1991 for a period of three years. Dr. P. M. Chacko was promoted to professorship in Assam University, Silchar. He served for two years between 1996-98. Prof. A. C. Sinha was deputed for a year in 1997 to TALEEM Research Foundation, Ahmedabad to start a private University through distance learning. The UGC granted posts of a Professor, a reader and a lecturer to the Department during the Ninth Five Year Plan Period. The 20th century ended with a good augury for the Department, as the UGC selected it for its Department Research Scheme (DRS) programme. The new century saw long due promotion to professorship to Dr. P. M. Chacko, Dr. Nikhilesh Kumar and Dr. C. L. Imchen. With seven professors and eleven sanctioned faculty strength the Department is poised to scale new heights in its academic activities during the years to come. In recent years the department has been enriched with the joining of faculty members: Prof.D.V. Kumar; Prof. B. Panda; Dr. Rekha Shangpliang; and Mr. Md. Yusuf Khan. The department has continued to progress in research and currently under SAP-DSA Phase I.  

The department is offering the following programmes
1. M. A
2. Ph. D


The Academic Council of the University has assigned SOCIAL CHANGE as the academic thrust of the Department. With this thrust, the department has instructed the Master of Arts (M. A.), Master of Philosophy (M. Phil) and Doctor of philosophy (Ph. D.) to over a thousand Students during the last 28 years. The Department is interested in developing research and instructional excellence in the spheres of inquiry with emphasis on the following:

  • Emerging Social Inequality
  • Political Dynamics
  • Social Movements
  • Ethnic Identity and Relations
  • Demography, Ecology and Environment
  • Development
  • Modern Organisations

Student intake

M.A. 50
Ph.D Depending on availability of seats