2 Day National Seminar on “Gender, Society and Development in the Context of North East India”

Proposed Dates for the Seminar: 26th and 27th March, 2020


The Department of Sociology, North Eastern Hill University,cordially invites presentation of research papers to the two-day National Seminar on “GENDER,SOCIETY AND DEVELOPMENT IN THE CONTEXT OF NORTH EAST INDIA” to be held on the 26th and 27th March, 2020 at North -Eastern Hill University,Shillong


Gender has  increasingly been acknowledged as an important variable in analyses and development planning. In recent years, the goals of equality, justice and peace in human development have been adopted by the WID (Women and Development) approach and Sustainable Development Goals which aim to eliminate all forms of discrimination and violence against women in public and private spheres. Gender equality today is not only a fundamental human right but a necessary foundation for a peaceful and sustainable world. Equal access to education, health, decent work, representation in political and economic decision making process are not only rights that women should have ,they also benefit the humanity at large. However, studies reveal that the subject of gender inequality is deep rooted in almost all societies .Women constitute a half of the human race and are subject to discrimination and subordination in the sphere of education, employment, land rights ,food and nutrition etc.

Much academic research on North East India has tended to look at the region as homogenous from the perspective of gender and gender relations, thereby ignoring the diversity in gender related issues. But studies have revealed that women in the North East have been marginalized on various issues of which relations of rights and power have been matters of concern to social scientists. Feminist research have often focused on the need to raise the issue of women’s exclusion from the power structure but the fact remains that power is still very much  male centric. Even in matrilineal societies like that of the Khasi , Jaintia and Garo, women are excluded from the decision- making process. Besides power relations, other spheres of subordination of women in the North East have been in the area of resource distribution and security over resources like land ,economy, livelihood etc. Literacy and education ,which are the most important indicators of social development also  reveal disparity between the sexes.Still another matter of serious concern is the  discrimination of women in the economic sector and commodification in the new era of globalization.

It is in this context that the proposed seminar hopes to deliberate on the structure and character of gender disparity in different spheres of social, cultural, economic and political lives of the people of the North-East and thereby try to find a solution to an all-inclusive development of the region.


  1. To have a conceptual and theoretical understanding of Feminist thought and perspective.
  2. To deepen the awareness and knowledge on various issues of gender disparity in North east India
  3. To broaden the scope for gender mainstreaming so as to contribute to a more gender-sensitive society.


  1. Feminist Thought /Feminist Movements
  2. Women and Law
  3. Women and Reproductive Health
  4. Women and Environment(Eco-Feminism)
  5. Women and Violence
  6. Women and Popular Culture(Media)
  7. Women and work
  8. Displaced women
  9. Gender, Health and Development(GHD) Approach
  10. Women and Kinship
  11. Women and Politics
  12. Women and Aging


The seminar is inter-disciplinary and therefore it is expected that the participants come from different disciplines to share their research experience in the field and generate valuable insights on the topic.


  1. Abstracts (within 200 words) along with full papers should reach the undersigned on or before February 1st 2020 via email at the following address socionehu@gmail.com.Paper .Presenters should clearly indicate their full names, institutions affiliated to, designation, contact number etc.
  2. Full length papers should be typed in MS word Times New Roman with font size 12 and 1.5 line spacing .Paper presenters are advised to follow the referencing style of Sociological Bulltin.
  3. Full length papers should reach us latest by 15th February 2020.
  4. Acceptance or otherwise of the papers will be intimated to the paper presenters by the 1st of March 2020.
  5. No TA/DA shall be paid to the paper presenters .However no registration Fee shall be collected from the paprticipants.
  6. Accomodation for outstation participants will be arranged at the NEHU Guest House located within the campus.
  7. HOW TO GET TO NEHU : The nearest airport / railway station is at Guwahati which is about 120 kms from Shillong. On arrival at Guwahati one can avail a tourist taxi or bus to reach Shillong and on instruction to the taxi driver one can be dropped at NEHU campus at Mawlai.
  8. Address for communication : All comuunictions regarding the submission of abstracts and full papers and other information should be made to the Convener  at the following address and contact number:

Dr. Rekha M Shangpliang
Department of Sociology
Email : socionehu@gmail.com
Contact number : 9856030387

Prof. D V Kumar
Department of Sociology
NEHU Shillong 793022
Contact Number 09436160298
Email: dv_kumar4229@gmail.com

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