Two- day Workshop on Research Paper Writing and Publication

Organised by the Department of Education, Shillong

Under the MHRD Scheme of Pandit Madan Mohan Malviya National Mission on Teachers and Teaching (PMMMNMTT)

Dates: 5th & 6th December 2019

Venue: Conference Hall- New Guest House, NEHU, Shillong

About the Workshop

Today writing and publication is an integral part of every teacher and researcher professional life. For instance, every teacher encounters certain experiences in the classroom that are challenging to them and each has a way of handling such experiences. Many a times these techniques of dealing with classroom issues and problems are narrated and shared in the staffroom or between peers. However, rarely they are written and recorded and negligibly get published. For researchers too every step of the work done and result obtained need to be written and recorded. The question arises why does one need to write down or keep a record. According to Booth et al (1995) there are three reasons: (i) to remember, (ii) to understand and (iii) to gain perspective. The demand for publishing one’s work is increasing day by day. In fact the publication of one’s work ensures protection of intellectual property; it also contributes to the growth of knowledge to the field and also helps in promoting one’s professional growth. Thus, published papers not only increased one’s reputation but more it add to the knowledge bank of the discipline. The UGC have made it mandatory for all researchers get their work published in journals before submission of their thesis and also for faculties to have published work for their up gradation.

However, not every teacher and researcher have the nook for writing. A good paper can touch and provoke the thoughts of the readers.  In fact, to find one’s work to be accepted in those journals recognised by the UCG is becoming even more difficult today. For any research work to be accepted for publication it depends so much on the skill of writing and expression. A good paper should meet the criterion of the readers and peers who are expecting a standard form in presentation, language and style. To write scientifically at the beginning may be difficult but to write in a concise and scientific communication for a particular group of readers may not hard when trained. Considering the need and importance of research paper writing and publication the Department of Education, North-Eastern Hill University under the MHRD Scheme of Pandit Madan Mohan Malviya National Mission on Teachers and Teaching (PMMMNMTT) has planned to organised a two-day workshop on “Research Paper Writing and Publication” in order to help teachers and researchers with the skills of paper and knowledge in publishing their work.


  1. To enable the teachers and researchers to identify the steps of writing a research paper
  2. To make them aware of the different techniques of referencing
  3. To help them aware of the process and types of publication.

Target Group

  1. Teacher Educators and
  2. Research Scholars (Education and Social Sciences)

Total Participants: 25 participants

Accommodation: Accommodation will be provided for outside participants only on their request.

Whom to contact

Dr. Euodia B. Myrthong (Co-ordinator of the workshop)
Email id:
Ph. No.: 9863255712

Resource Persons

  1. Dr. Anjan Chakrabati,
    Associate Professor, University of Burdwan
  2. Dr. M. Rajendra Nath Babu,
    Assistant Professor, Nagaland University

Prof S.M Sungoh
Co-ordinator PMMMNMTT
North-Eastern Hill University,

Co-ordinator of the Workshop
Dr. Euodia B. Myrthong,
Assistant Professor,
Department of Education,
NEHU, Shillong