Dr. Anindya Kumar Biswas

Physics Department

Designation: Associate Professor

Area of Interest

String Theory (High Energy Physics)

Research Works

  1. Bengali Language, Romanisation and Onsager Core, Anindya Kumar Biswas, viXra:2003.0563 (Linguistics)
  2. Onsager Core of Abor-Miri and Mising Languages, Anindya Kumar Biswas, viXra:2003.0343 (Condensed Matter)
  3. An Electron in a Precessing Magnetic Field: a Tutorial, Anindya Kumar Biswas, Bhabani Prasad Mandal, viXra:2002.0051 (Quantum Physics)
  4. Discipline of Knowledge and the Graphical Law, Part II,  Anindya Kumar Biswas, viXra:1912.0243 (Condensed Matter), IJAHSSS Journal, Volume 5 Issue 2, February 2020. 
  5. Romanian Language, the Graphical Law and More, Anindya Kumar Biswas, viXra:1909.0071 (Linguistics)
  6. Basque Language and the Graphical Law, Anindya Kumar Biswas, viXra:1908.0414 (Linguistics)
  7. Bengali Language and Graphical Law, Anindya Kumar Biswas, viXra:1908.0228 (Linguistics) 
  8. $ads_{3}$-Kerr, Moving Brane, Cardy-Verlinde Formula, Anindya Kumar Biswas, viXra:1904.0441 (Quantum Gravity and String Theory)
  9. Fifa World Cup and Gini Coefficient, Anindya Kumar Biswas, viXra:1807.0258 (Economics and Finance)
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  14. Graphical law beneath each written natural language. Anindya Kumar Biswas. Subjects: General Physics (physics.gen-ph); Computation and Language (cs.CL) arXiv:1307.6235
  15. Economic analogy to electrodynamics. Sanjay Dasari and Anindya Kumar Biswas. Modern Economy 4, 723(2013)
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