Prof. G. Das

Statistics Department

Designation: Professor


M.A. (Delhi University), Ph. D. (NEHU)

Areas of Interest/Specialization:        

Sample Survey

Experience: (in NEHU)

  • Systems Analyst and Computer Programmer: 1978 (regularised in 1982)-1987
  • Lecturer: 1987-1998
  • Reader: 1998-2007
  • Professor: 2007 onwards

Ph.d. Awarded/Supervised

  • Phrangstone Khongji,
  • Bijoy Krishna Handique,
  • R. Zoramthanga,
  • Ningthoujam Linthoingambi Devi (as co-supervisor in Assam University)

Administrative responsibilities undertaken: 

  • In-charge of the Centre for Applied Statistics, NEHU, during 1989-93
  • Warden, PG Women’s Hostel (Persara), NEHU, during 1993-98
  • Head, Department of Statistics, NEHU, 2005-2008, 2011-2013
  • Member of various Boards of Studies, School Board, Board of Research Studies, Academic council, Court etc.

Academic affiliations

  • Life member, International Biometrics Society (Indian Region)
  • Life member,  Indian Society for Agricultural Statistics
  • Life member,  Assam Statistical Review
  • Life member, National Institute of Ecology, India
  • International Society  for Ecological Modelling, 1980-86
  • Indian Society for Tree Scientists, 1984-88
  • Gujarat Statistical Association, 1988-94
  • Sample Survey Research Group, 1990-95
  • Affiliate of International Network for Bamboo and Rattan, 2000-03.

Research Projects

  • "Applications of Statistical Modelling on Management of Bamboos” in collaboration with Department of Ecology and Environmental Science, Assam University, funded by DST.
  • “Comparative study on selected forest sampling techniques with satellite remote sensing inputs”, in collaboration with NESAC, Shillong, funded by Department of Space, Govt. of India under EOAM.


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  • The Role of Mathematicians in Ecology in Status of Ecology, Ed. I.J.S. Jaiswal, Punjab Publishing House, 17-24, 1984.
  • Ordering  of Shoots with Special Reference to Exbucklandia populnea, Current  Science, 53(9): 498-499, 1984.
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  • Nonlinear Statistical Model for Characterizing Culm Growth of Bambusa cacharensis International Journal of Ecology and Environmental Sciences, Vol. 40(1): 41-47, 2014.
  • Ratio-to-regression estimator in successive sampling using one auxiliary variable. Statistics in Transition (New Series), 16(2): 183-202, 2015.

Papers presented in Conferences/Seminars

  • VIII Biennial Conference of International Biometric Society (Indian Region), Oct. 6-7, 2005, UAS, Bangalore.
  • International Conference on Statistics and Informatics in Agricultural Research, held at Indian Agricultural Statistics Research Institute, New Delhi, during December 27-30, 2006.
  • International Conference on Recent Advances in Mathematical Statistics and its Applications in Applied Sciences organized jointly by Department of Statistics, Gauhati University and ISI Kolkata during Dec.31, 2012 to Jan, 02, 2013: Chaired a session and paper presented jointly.

Invited Lectures

  • Delivered lecture titled ‘Statistical Methods and Techniques for Analysis of Environmental Data’; at a training program “Environmental Statistics with special reference to Environmental Impact Analysis” sponsored by Central Statistical Organization, at NEHU, September 23-28, 2003.
  • Delivered lectures on  “Basic Concepts of Sample Survey“ and “Preliminary Test Estimators in Survey Sampling”, Department of Statistics, Dibrugarh University, Jan 07, 2006.
  • Delivered an Invited Talk at the “Conference on Environmental & Ecological Statistics with Applications" during March 21-23, 2007 at ISI, Kolkata, as a part of the Platinum Jubilee Celebrations of ISI. 
  • Delivered two lectures with hands on computer session during work shop on “Introductory Statistical analysis of Biological Data”, jointly organized by ISI Kolkata, and Department of Statistics, NEHU, Nov. 27 to Dec. 01, 2007.
  • Delivered an Invited Talk in the symposium on “Statistical Aspects of Research in Agricultural and Environmental Sciences: Status and Scope” during Nov. 30 to Dec. 02, 2007 at Birsa agricultural University, Ranchi, during 61st Annual Conference of Indian Society of Agricultural Statistics.


  • Collaboration with Department of Ecology & Environment Science, Assam University
  • Collaboration with NESAC, Shillong
  • Consultancy for Ph.D. students in School of Life Sciences, NEHU
  • Consultancy for MD students in Department of Anaesthesiology, NEIGRIHMS