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Name Department Contact Email
P. Chinglensana
(Assistant Professor)
Mathematics Department (O)272 2710 chinglensana@nehu.ac.in
P. K. Ambasht
(Assistant Professor)
Biochemistry Department (O)272 2123
(R)2726123 (M)9436302859
P. K. Patra
Physics Department (O)272 2808 (M)9436706470 pkpatra@nehu.ac.in
P.K. Ryngnga
(Assistant Professor)
Geography Department (O)272 3208 (M)9863022521 kryngnga@yahoo.com
Pankaj Sarkar
(Assistant Professor)
Electronics and Communication Engineering (O)272 3674 (M)9485043441 psarkar@nehu.ac.in
Paokholun Hangsing
(Associate Professor)
Library & Information Science department (O)272 3151
(R)2722029 (M)9436104108
Papiya Ramanujam
(Associate Professor)
Botany Department (O)272 2235 (M)9436336334 papiyaramanujam@yahoo.com
Phrangstone Khongji
(Assistant Professor)
Basic Sciences & Social Sciences Department (O)272 3653 (M)9863496286 phrangstone@nehu.ac.in, phrang2000@yahoo.com
Ponnaluru Srinivasa Suresh
(Associate Professor)
Economics Department (O)272 3188 (M)9436111322 sureshps03@yahoo.co.in
Prasenjit Biswas
(Associate Professor)
Philosophy Department (O)272 3553
(R)2726506 (M)9436116642
Preeti Gupta
(Assistant Professor)
Law Department (O)272 3807 (M)9402195521 preetielectric@gmail.com
Punit Gautam
(Associate Professor)
Tourism and Hotel Management Department (O)272 3444 (M)9436565987 pg20120301@rediffmail.com
Purusottam Nayak
Economics Department (O)272 3183
(R)2726183 (M)9436111308