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Name Department Contact Email
S Neog
(Assistant Professor)
Information Technology Department (O)272 3613 (M)9436349191 sangitaneog@nehu.ac.in
S. Dkhar
Khasi Department (O)272 3305 3501 (M)9436117479 s.dkhar@rediffmail.com
S. Majaw
(Assistant Professor)
Biotechnology & Bioinformatics Department (O)272 2407 (M)7085053019 smajaw.nehu@gmail.com
S. Mitra
Chemistry Department (O)272 2634
(R)2726634 (M)9436161736
S. Purkayastha
(Assistant Professor)
Geography Department (O)272 3204 (M)9863062813 subratashg@yahoo.com
S. B. Prasad
Zoology Department (O)272 2318
(R)2726318 (M)9436309715
S. C. Choudhury
(Assistant Professor)
Zoology Department (O)272 2330 (M)9436165100 sudiptapinku@gmail.com
S. C. Subudhi
(Associate Professor)
Education Department, Tura Campus (M)9436703629 sibasubudhi.nehu25@gmail.com
S. K. Jha
(Associate Professor)
Statistics Department (O)272 2907 (M)9436709078 skjha@nehu.ac.in
S. M. Sungoh
Education Department (O)272 3344 (M)9436307570 smsungoh@gmail.com
S. R. Hajong
(Assistant Professor)
Zoology Department (O)272 2332
(R)2726332 (M)9436119216
S. R. Joshi
Biotechnology & Bioinformatics Department (O)272 2405 (M)9436102171 srjoshi2006@yahoo.co.in
S. R. Rao
Biotechnology & Bioinformatics Department (O)272 2404 (M)9436332760 srrao22@yahoo.com, srrao @nehu.ac.in
S. S. Chaturvedi
(Associate Professor)
Environmental Studies Department (O)272 1160 (M)9436163867 sschaturvedinehu@gmail.com
S. S. Khatri
(Associate Professor)
Physics Department (O)272 2816 (M)9436307427 sukhdevkhatri@yahoo.com
S. S. Pohlong
(Assistant Professor)
Physics Department (O)272 2838 sspohlong@yahoo.com
S.C. Srivastava
Rural Development and Agricultural Production (O)272 03651-221407 (M)9436313379 subhash58nehu@yahoo.co.in
S.K. Barik
Botany Department (O)272 2216 (M)9436100688 sarojkbarik@gmail.com
S.K. Nanda
Cultural & Creative Studies Department (O)272 3382 sknanda@nehu.ac.in
Sainkupar Mn Mawiong
(Assistant Professor)
Basic Sciences & Social Sciences Department (O)272 3649 (M)9863022257 skupar@gmail.com
Samar Jyoti Hazarika
(Assistant Professor)
Energy Engineering Department (O)272 3956 (M)9485125317 sjhazarika@nehu.ac.in
Samrat Paul
(Assistant Professor)
Energy Engineering Department (O)272 3953 (M)9485043421 samrat@nehu.ac.in; paulsamrat17@gmail.com
Sanat Das
(Assistant Professor)
Energy Engineering Department (O)272 3955 (M)8414805730 sanat@nehu.ac.in ; sanatdas2006@gmail.com
Sanghita Dutta
(Assistant Professor)
Mathematics Department (O)272 2718
(R)2722041 (M)9436104791
sanghita _smc@yahoo.co.in
Santi Gopal Maji
(Assistant Professor)
Commerce Department (O)272 3169 (M)9434030244 sgmaji2010@gmail.com
Saralin Lyngdoh
(Assistant Professor)
Linguistics Department (O)272 3317 (M)9856648552 saralyngdoh@gmail.com
Sasikumar R
(Assistant Professor)
Agri-Business Management and Food Technology (Tura) (O)272 03651-223953 (M)9863068311 sashibiofoodster@gmail.com
Saurabh Kumar Dixit
(Associate Professor)
Tourism and Hotel Management Department (O)272 3443 (M)9436565964 saurabh5sk@yahoo.com
Shailendra Kumar Singh
Linguistics Department (O)272 3319 (M)9863279254 sksingh@nehu.ac.in
Sharad Kumar Kulshreshtha
(Assistant Professor)
Tourism and Hotel Management Department (O)272 3446 (M)8414803375 sharad_mta@yahoo.com
Sheena Haorongbam
(Assistant Professor )
Agri-Business Management and Food Technology (Tura) (M)8413035334 sheenahaorongbam@gmail.com
Shimti Kharmawphlang
(Assistant Professor)
Commerce Department (O)272 3163 (M)8575037174 s_kharmawphlang@yahoo.com
Shishir Tiwari
(Assistant Professor)
Law Department (O)272 3811 (M)9774048166 shishir@nehu.ac.in
Shobhan N. Lamare
History Department (O)272 3012 (M)8904286650 sholamare@rediffmail.com
Shyamal Mandal
(Assistant Professor)
Biomedical Engineering Department (O)272 3858 (M)9089163734 smandal@nehu.ac.in ; shyamal.mandal.iit@gmail.com
Snehadrinarayan Khatua
(Assistant Professor)
Chemistry Department (O)272 2636 (M)9774408269 skhatua@nehu.ac.in
Somjyoti Mridha
(Assistant Professor)
English Department (O)272 3525 (M)8729831330 somjyoti.mridha@gmail.com
Srimoyee Ghosh
(Associate Professor)
Zoology Department (O)272 2336 (M)9774566179 srimoyee2009@gmail.com
Subhas Chandra Sahana
(Assistant Professor)
Information Technology Department (O)272 3619
(R)2726619 (M)9402135453
subhas.sahana@gmail.com, scsahana@nehu.ac.in
Subhash C. Arya
(Associate Professor)
Electronics and Communication Engineering (O)272 3669 (M)9862284358 scarya@nehu.ac.in
Sudip Paul
(Assistant Professor)
Biomedical Engineering Department (O)272 3855 (M)9485026088 spaul@nehu.ac.in ; sudip.paul.bhu@gmail.com
Sudipta Ghosh
(Assistant Professor)
Anthropology Department (O)272 3106
(R)2722085 (M)9402197793
Sufal Das
(Assistant Professor)
Information Technology Department (O)272 3618 (M)9402195496 sufal.das@gmail.com
Sujata Gurudev
English Department (Tura Campus) (M)9436308026 s_gurudev@rediffmail.com
Sukalpa Bhattacharjee
English Department (O)272 3506
(R)2726506 (M)9436703957
Sultana Begum Abida Mazumdar
(Assistant Professor)
Management Department (Tura) (M)9531016740 mazumdersultana@gmail.com
Suman Kumaria
Botany Department (O)272 2210 (M)9863068044 sumankhatrikumaria@hotmail.com
Sumarbin Umdor
Economics Department (O)272 3179 (M)9863061191 sumdor@rediffmail.com
Sunil Kumar
(Associate Professor)
Horticulture Department (O)272 3651 223107 3651 220014
(R)272612 2541106 (M)9436306260
Sunil Kumar De
Geography Department (O)272 3205 (M)9862009202 desunil@gmail.com
Sunildro L.S. Akoijam
(Assistant Professor)
Management Department (Tura) (M)8414025532 sunil.mba.amity@gmail.com
Suparna Bhattacharjee
(Assistant Professor)
Political Science Department (O)272 3037 (M)9436313007 bhattacharjee.suparna@gmail.com
Suranjana Choudhury
(Assistant Professor)
English Department (O)272 3524 (M)9612167885 suranjanaz@gmail.com
Surya Bhan
(Assistant Professor)
Biochemistry Department (O)272 2130 (M)9436349351 suryabhan@nehu.ac.in
Sushanta Kabir Dutta
(Associate Professor)
Electronics and Communication Engineering (O)272 3665 (M)9436333097 sushantatzp@gmail.com
Susmita Sengupta
Political Science Department (O)272 3032 (M)9436110674 ssg62@rediffmail.com
Swarup Roy (On Lien to Sikkim University)
(Assistant Professor)
Information Technology Department (O)272 3614 (M)9436304800 swarup@nehu.ac.in