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The NEHU Journal is internationally refereed and published bi-annually (January-July) by the North-Eastern Hill University Publications, Shillong. The focus of the journal is on India’s North-East and countries bordering it. Contributors are advised to consult notes to contributors.
The NEHU Publications reserves the copyright to all articles, communications and book reviews published and no article / communication / review or a part thereof may be reprinted without written permission from the Editor.

Volume XII, Number 1, January-June 2014

  1. Editorial
  2. Pangs of Being ‘Un-Homed’: Engagements with ‘Displacement’ and ‘Relocation’ in Select Partition Narratives from Bengal by Suranjana Choudhury
  3. State Formation, Legitimization and Cultural Change: A Study of Koch Kingdom by Rup Kumar Barman
  4. Food Processing Industry: Opportunities in North East Region of India by Mohammad Rais, Shatroopa Acharya and Gary W. Vanloon
  5. Productivity Analysis of Rural Banks in India: A Case of Meghalaya Rural Bank by J. U. Ahmed
  6. Non-Government Organisations and Inclusive Growth by Benjamin F. Lyngdoh
  7. Total Factor Productivity Trends in India: A Conventional Approach by Sanjoy Saha
  8. Book Reviews

Volume XI, Number 2, July 2013

  1. Editorial
  2. Social Science Research in North East India: The Position of Sociology by A.K.NONGKYNRIH
  3. Social Exclusion and Ethnicity in North East India by V.BIJUKUMAR
  4. Determinants and Trends of Ideal Family Size in a Matrilineal Set-up by PHRANGSTONE KHONJI
  5. From Rituals to Stage: The Journey of Achik Folk Theatre by BARBARA SANGMA
  6. Gender Relations and the Web of Traditions in Northeast India by RUTH LALSIEMSANG BUONGPUI
  7. Book Reviews

Volume XI, Number 1, January 2013

  1. Editorial
  2. Disparities in Globalization of the World Economies by S.K.MISHRA & BINOD KUMAR
  3. Political Economy of Agrarian Crisis and Subsistence Under Neoliberalism in India by R.V.RAMANA MURTHY
  4. King Nara Narayana’s Military Campaigns in North-East India: An Analysis through Numismatics by DEBAJIT DUTTA
  5. Symbolism of the Mountains: A Study of Selected Poems of Mamang Dai by HARPREET VOHRA
  6. The Manifestations of Cultural Memory in the Poetry of Yehuda Amichai by EVER E. F. SANCLEY
  7. Book Reviews

Volume VIII, Number 1, January 2010

  1. The Megalithic Culture of the Khasis – I by DAVID ROY
  2. Reproductive Health of the Matrilineal Khasis of Meghalaya by LORNA B. BANG
  3. An Empirical Estimation of Loan Recovery and Asset Quality of Commercial Banks by JAYNAL UD-DIN AHMED
  4. Implementation of NREGS in Tripura: An Evaluation by SANJOY ROY
  5. Novel Printed Rectangular Patch Nonopole Antennas with Slit Ground Plane for UMB Applications by RAMU PILLALAMARRI, G. SASI BHUSHANA RAO & S. SRINIVASA KUMAR
  6. On Wave Solutions of Einstein’s Field Equations of General Relativity Containing Zero-Rest-Mass Scalar Fields by M. ANSARI
  7. What is the Mandate of North-Eastern Hill University? By BINOD KUMAR AGARWALA
  8. Is Journal Impact Factor a good Measure of Research Merit? By S. K. MISHRA
  9. Book Review by GEETIKA RANJAN

Volume VII, Numbers 1 & 2, 2009

  1. Transformational Process in Northeast India: The XIV Verrier Elwin Endowment Lectures held on 5-6 March 2008 A C BHAGABATI
  2. Cultural Diversity and Bio-diversity: A Study through Language Diversity C R AGERA
  3. Nationalism in Global Era: A Case Study of Northeast India SUBRAT K NANDA
  4. Tribal Development in India with special reference to Manipur: Trajectory and Literature CHOPFOZA CATHERINE
  5. Tourism in Sikkim: Quest for a Self-Reliant Economy ANJAN CHAKRABARTI
  6. Book Reviews by D K NAYAK and GEETIKA RANJAN

Volume VI, Numbers 1 & 2, 2008.

  1. Interface Between Religion and Culture: A Study through the Narratives  C R AGERA
  2. Sacred Grove, Khasi Society and Worldview P K MISRA & ANGELA RANGAD
  3. Public Sector Banks in the Barak Valley: A Study on Customers’ Satisfaction  JAYNAL UDDIN AHMED
  4. Protection of Witnesses under Criminal Justice Administration in India: A Human Rights Perspective  ARUN KUMAR SINGH
  5. Impact of Supreme Court Order on Forestry in West Khasi Hills District, Meghalaya SHEMBHALANG KHARWANLANG & SAVEYNA DKHAR
  6. Small and Medium Sized Business Opportunities in the Tourism Sector of Meghalaya BENJAMIN LYNGDOH
  7. Dzongu in Dilemma CHARISMA K LEPCHA
  8.  Book Reviews

Volume V, Number 1, 2007.

Hindi Version: Guest Editor Dr. D. K. Choubey

  1. Adhunik kal aur Manipuri bhasha ki kavita PROF DEVRAJ
  2. Tripura rajya ke janjatiya samudaya ki dharm tatha sanskriti: kal aur aaj KHUMTIA DEBBARMA
  3. Hindi upanyas mein purbottar Bharat DR GOPAL PRADHAN
  4. Khasi sahitya ke sanskritik pariparswa ki vikas yatra DR MADHAVENDRA PRASAD PANDEY
  5. Arunachal Pradesh ke lok nritya DR VINOD KUMAR MISRA
  6. Arunachal mein Hindi DR SHYAM SANKAR SINGH
  7. Garo sahitya ka sanskritik paridrishya DR SHRUTI PANDEY
  8. Kokborok lok katha ka swarup DR MILAN RANI JAMATIYA
  9. Tulnatmak adhyayan aur Asomiya-Hindi Ram Kabya DR DINESH KUMAR CHOUBEY

Volume IV, Numbers 1 & 2, 2006.

  1. Percival Spear: Historian and Indophile  DAVID R SYIEMLIEH
  2. Historiography of the Formation of Assamese Identity: A Review  MADHUMITA SENGUPTA
  3. Search for Kirat Identity: Trends of De-sanskritisation among the  Nepamul Sikkimese  A C SINHA
  4. Feminism and the Structures of Selfhood: A Brief Study of the Three Indian Feminist Writers  DAPHINDA F WAR
  5. ‘Hoax of Conservation  P K MISRA
  6. Book Reviews

Volume III, Number 2, 2005.

  1. Sovereignty through Indigenous Governance: Reviving `Traditional Political Institutions’ in Northeast India BENGT G. KARLSSON
  2. In Search of the Tribes in Northeast India A. C. SINHA
  3. The Folk Titles in Khasi: A Linguistic Analysis BADAPLIN WAR
  4. State of Water in Shillong B. P. SAHU
  5. Management of Hospital Wastes in Shillong B. S. MIPUN & S. PURKAYASTHA
  6. Book Reviews

Volume III, Number 1, 2005.

  1. Enemy Spirits, Allied Spirits: The Political Cosmology of Arunachal Pradesh Societies PHILIPPE RAMIREZ
  2. The Signifying Dimension of the Folk – A Study of Ka `Tiew Larun ESTHER SYIEM
  3. Narrating Gender and Representing Women in Toni Morrison’s The Bluest Eye DHIRA BHOWMICK
  4. Plurality of Cultures and Interculturality BASIL POHLONG
  5. Cultural Identity and Nationalism in Multi-National Context: The Indian Experience S. K. NANDA
  6. Community Participation in Forest Management in Meghalaya L. CAJEE, H. J. SYIEMLIEH & UBAHUNLANG LYNGDOH TMAR
  7. Book Reviews

Volume II, Number 2, 2004.

  1. The Life and Work of the First Welsh Medical Missionary in the Khasi Hills BASIL GRIFFITHS
  2. Subversion of Conventional Morality in Thomas Hardy’s Jude the Obscure: A Post Modern Perspective T. J. JOSEPH
  3. Anne Bronte as a Devotional Poet S. N. SINGH
  4. Gender and Power: Some Women-centred Narratives from Ao-Naga TEMSULA AO
  5. From Tigerman to Tourism: Changing Narratives DESMOND KHARMAWPHLANG
  6. Book Reviews

Volume II, Number 1, 2004.

  1. The Lyngngams as a Hybrid and Evolving Population R KHONGSDIER
  2. Ethno-historic and Linguistic Background of Lyngngams and their Demographic Structure B.T. LANGSTIEH AND B. M. REDDY
  3. A Lexico-statistic Study of Khynriam and Lyngngam Dialects of the Khasi Language K.S. NAGARAJA
  4. Health Problems of the Aged among the Angami Nagas KETSHUKIETUO DZUVICHU
  5. Need for Counselling: A Study on Degree Students of Shillong ISABELLA LALL
  6. The Bronte Sisters as Poets of Faith S. N. SINGH
  7. Dialogic Space in Art: A Reading of Goutam Biswas’ Art as Dialogue: Essays in Phenomenology of Aesthetic Experience SUKALPA BHATTACHARJEE
  8. Book Reviews

Volume 1, Number 2, 2003.

  1. The Beginning of Mantra: Indian English Poetry Today JAYANTA MAHAPATRA
  2. Gary Snyder, the Poet-sage of Wilderness Values SARANGADHAR BARAL
  3. Nongkrem Dance, Most Ancient and Renowned of Khasi Festivals NIGEL JENKINS
  4. Metamorphosis of Monsters, Dayans and Djinns (The Bijarre and Fantastic in Midnight’s Children) NANDINI BHATTACHARYA
  5. My Writing, My Times ROBIN S. NGANGOM
  6. U Manik Raitong, Icon of Love and Creativity: An Appraisal ESTHER SYEIM
  7. Stories from the Northeast:
    • Civility is all the Counts by S.J.Duncan
    • Gangacharan’s Chompreng by Debabrata Deb
    • Innocence Wears Another Look by Vanneihtluanga
    • The Holy Dip by Anima Dutta
    • One Night by Keisham Priyokumar
    • Windsong in March by Easterine Iralu
  8. Poems by NEHU Poets
  9. Book Reviews

Volume 1, Number 1, 2003.

  1. Process and Agency of Precolonial States in Arunachal Pradesh A.K.THAKUR
  2. The So-called Mongoloids in South Asia: Search for Early African Connection LALIT P. PATHAK
  3. Forest Education and Research in British India: The Beginnings A.C.SINHA
  4. Evolution of Adult Education: A Historical Perspective E. JYRWA
  5. Demographic and Health Traits in Relation to Maternal Education in Northeast India R. KHONGSDIER
  6. Cooperative Movement in Meghalaya: Its Growth, Performance and Weaknesses GURUDAS DAS
  7. Forced Migration, Social Conflict and Adjustment among the Mizos of Mizoram, India B.S.MIPUN AND R. RAMTHARA
  8. Book Reviews