School of Life Sciences


Prof. Nikhil K. Chrungoo


School of Life Sciences
North-Eastern Hill University
Shillong - 793 022 (India)
Tel: 0364 2722 001/002/2119 (O), 0364-2551 292 (O); 0364-2726 211 (R)/ 0364-2551 440 (R)
Mobile: 9436101651



The School of Life Sciences comprises four academic departments, namely the Department of Zoology, the Department of Botany, the Department of Biochemistry, and the Department of Biotechnology and Bioinformatics. The School is a premier centre for post-graduate teaching and research in frontier areas of Biology. The major thrust areas of research include Immunology, Endocrinology, Reproductive Physiology, Microbiology, Enzymology, Medicinal Biochemistry, Biogerontology, Radiation Biology, Carcinogenesis and Cancer Biology, Adaptational Biochemistry, Brain disorders, Cardiovascular diseases, Diabetes, Genetics, Fish Biology, Helminthology, Physiology, Nitrogen Fixation, Molecular Biology, Protein Chemistry, Natural Products, Ecology, Forestry, Biodiversity, Taxonomy, and Biotechnology, etc. The Departments under the School of Life Sciences have developed one of the best scientific infrastructural facilities of the country for promoting higher studies and research in the North-Eastern Region. These Departments have procured state-of-the-art equipment like Next Generation Sequencers, DNA Sequencer, DNA Synthethizer, Confocal Microscope, Gamma Radiation Source, FACS, Real Time PCR Systems, Flameless Atomic Absorption, Nitrogen Analyser, Automatic Scintilllation Analyser, etc. The Departments have attracted financial assistance for extramural research from National funding agencies like Department of Biotechnology, Department of Science and Technology, Indian Council of Scientific and Industrial Research, Indian Council of Medical Research, Department of Atomic Energy, Indian Council of Agricultural Research, etc. The University Grants Commission, New Delhi has been financially supporting all the departments under its Special Assistance Programme as well as COSIST Programme. Further, these Departments have received financial support under the DST-FIST Programme. The Departments have attracted highly qualified faculty members, many of whom have been awarded National and International fellowships for their significant research contributions as well as for undertaking collaborative research projects in the country and abroad. A large number of students under the School qualify for various Eligibility Tests such as NET, GATE, SLET, etc., every year. The graduates and research students of the School are successful in obtaining employment in academic and research institutions in the country and abroad. The students, research scholars and faculty have easy access to wi-fi supported high speed internet connectivity. The School has developed a Central Instrumentation Facility, a Seminar Hall and Conference Room for promoting research and academic activities.

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